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Le Mâle Terrible by Jean Paul Gaultier

jean paul gaultier le male terrible
Gender: Men
Release date: 2010

Key Notes of Le Mâle Terrible

What Does Le Mâle Terrible Smell Like

Le Mâle Terrible by Jean Paul Gaultier is a men's fragrance that presents a fusion of sweet, spicy, and fresh accords, complemented by oriental and synthetic undertones. The scent opens with a moderate hint of pink pepper, accompanied by a subtle touch of grapefruit. As the fragrance progresses, the prominence of lavender emerges, creating a soothing and calming effect. Vetiver, though faint, adds a slightly earthy and grounding aspect to the composition.

In the base of the perfume, the dominant note of vanilla asserts itself, infusing the scent with a rich sweetness that balances the spicy and fresh elements. A hint of amber contributes a warm, resinous quality, though it remains rather subdued. Additionally, the fragrance contains powdery, woody, fruity, and floral nuances, resulting in a multifaceted and intriguing olfactory experience.

Overall, Le Mâle Terrible offers a well-rounded and complex scent that showcases a skillful interplay of its various notes and accords. It manages to combine sweetness and spice with freshness and oriental elements, creating a unique and memorable fragrance for men.

Review of Le Mâle Terrible

Le Mâle Terrible by Jean Paul Gaultier, released in 2010, is a predominantly sweet and spicy men's fragrance. With a scent rating that leans more towards the average side, Le Mâle Terrible offers a decent longevity, accompanied by a moderate sillage. As for its value, it has a reasonable rating that doesn't break the bank.

The perfume's composition has a mix of sweet, spicy, fresh, and synthetic elements, with hints of oriental, powdery, woody, fruity, and floral tones. It is most popular among men, especially younger individuals. Although a small percentage of women have favored this fragrance, it is primarily designed for men.

Le Mâle Terrible is versatile when it comes to seasons, as it can be worn during fall, spring, winter, and summer, with slightly higher preferences for fall and spring. In terms of occasions, this perfume is more suitable for night outs, evening events, and leisure activities, while it can also be used for daily wear and business settings.

In conclusion, Le Mâle Terrible is a versatile men's fragrance that offers balanced sweetness and spiciness, making it suitable for various seasons and occasions. However, it might not be the top choice for those seeking a more distinctive or unique scent. Its longevity, sillage and value make it a reasonable option for younger men looking for a versatile fragrance to add to their collection.

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