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Glow by Jennifer Lopez

Glow by Jennifer Lopez
Gender: Women
Release date: 2002

Key Notes of Glow

What Does Glow Smell Like

Glow by Jennifer Lopez is a women's perfume that presents a fresh and floral aroma with hints of powdery, synthetic, and sweet undertones. The top notes of this fragrance consist of neroli, orange blossom, and pink grapefruit, which create an initial scent that is light, citrusy, and slightly sweet. The orange blossom and neroli blend seamlessly with the pink grapefruit, providing balance and preventing a strong citrus burst.

As the perfume develops, the middle notes of amber, rose, and sandalwood begin to emerge. The amber adds a warm, resinous quality while the rose brings a soft, romantic floral touch. The sandalwood contributes a subtle, woody undertone, complementing the other notes and adding depth to the overall scent.

The base notes of Glow feature musk, iris, jasmine, and vanilla. The musk is the most prominent element here, providing a smooth and sensual foundation for the other scents to rest upon. The iris and jasmine add delicate, powdery floral accents, while the hint of vanilla lends a touch of sweetness to the fragrance.

Overall, Glow by Jennifer Lopez is a delightful combination of fresh and floral notes, balanced with warm, powdery, and sweet undertones, creating a pleasing and approachable scent for women.

Review of Glow

Glow by Jennifer Lopez, released in 2002, is a perfume designed primarily for women with a formulation that leans towards fresh, floral, and powdery scents. This combination makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer a subtle yet noticeable fragrance which is not overly sweet or fruity.

The perfume's most prominent characteristic is its freshness, followed by a lovely blend of floral aromas. The powdery aspect of the scent adds a layer of softness, while the synthetic, citrus, creamy, and fruity notes work together to create a well-rounded fragrance experience.

Glow is a versatile perfume, as it fits well into different seasons, with a slight preference for spring and summer. Its ability to adapt to various weather conditions allows the wearer to enjoy the scent all year round. Moreover, the perfume is suitable for a variety of occasions, from daily use to leisure and business settings, making it a practical choice for those who value adaptability in a fragrance.

Though Glow by Jennifer Lopez may not boast the highest ratings in scent, longevity, and sillage, its overall value is undeniable. The perfume offers a pleasant, well-balanced scent that can be worn in numerous situations, making it a versatile and valuable addition to any woman's collection.

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