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Still by Jennifer Lopez

Still by Jennifer Lopez
Gender: Women
Release date: 2003
Perfumer: Michel Girard

What Does Still Smell Like

Still by Jennifer Lopez starts off with a crisp, citrusy aroma thanks to the dominant Earl Grey tea note, which is accompanied by a lighter hint of sweet mandarin orange. You'll also pick up on a subtle undertone of rice wine, adding an unexpected richness to the opening scent. As the fragrance progresses, Still reveals its floral heart. The combination of light freesia, fragrant honeysuckle, and sweet orange blossom offer a bouquet of refreshing florals that soften the initial citrus blast. Rounding out the scent experience are the base notes, among which orris root stands out. This adds a powdery, slightly woody fragrance that is accentuated by the sweet warmth of amber and the milky, earthy tones of sandalwood. The result is a perfume that's fresh, floral, and delicately sweet, with a slight earthy undercurrent. It's like inhaling a calming sunrise in a field of blooming flowers, with morning mist still clinging to the petals and a hint of citrus trees in the distance. It's a scent that gives you a sense of stillness and peace, just as the name suggests.

Review of Still

Still by Jennifer Lopez is a noteworthy women's perfume that radiates with a lively floral heart, backed by a fresh, slightly fruity undertone. The scent opens with a brisk citrus and green zest, leading to a subtly spicy middle note. The subtle sweetness and powdery undertones add a gentle warmth to the fragrance, which is finally rounded off with a touch of woody, almost synthetic notes. Its versatile nature makes it fitting for any season, yet it shines its brightest during the vibrancy of spring and the warmth of summer. Still is a perfume designed for everyday wear, ideal for both professional scenarios and leisurely outings. Its longevity is decent, providing a lingering scent trail that isn't overpowering. Although this perfume may lack a bit in strength, its value for money is unmistakable. A fitting choice for a woman who appreciates a scent that is fresh and subtly complex without being overly sweet or heavy.

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