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Vespero by Jeroboam

Vespero by Jeroboam
Gender: Men
Release date: 2017
Brand: Jeroboam

Key Notes of Vespero

What Does Vespero Smell Like

Vespero by Jeroboam is a symphony of scents designed for men that opens with a zesty freshness. The initial whiff unveils a delightful duo of apples and bergamot, capturing a fresh and fruity aroma, while a subdued undertone of grapefruit adds a touch of tangy citrus. Any hint of rose seems to be elusively faint or almost non-existent.

The heart of the perfume is an equally captivating blend. The dominant cedarwood note imparts a warm, woody scent that is boldly complemented by the rugged smell of leather. These powerful notes are softened by the subtler undertones of geranium and jasmine, imparting a gentle floral edge to the predominantly masculine core.

As the perfume settles, the base notes come to the fore. The warm musk is the most pronounced scent, wrapping the wearer in a comforting earthy aroma. The addition of patchouli brings a slightly sweet, rich scent to the finish while, surprisingly, the scent of raspberry is virtually absent. The end note is generally underscored by a subtle hint of unspecified woods, reinforcing the overall woody characteristic of the perfume. Overall, Vespero by Jeroboam is a refreshing, fruity, and woody cologne with a bold leathery edge.

Review of Vespero

Vespero by Jeroboam, released in 2017, is a fragrance that can easily be seen as a man's signature scent. Its woody and fruity backbone sets it apart from the crowd, with undertones of spice and leather adding an unexpected depth. While younger men may find the scent a bit too mature, it can be a perfect fit for those in their middle age or older who are looking for something more defined and less mainstream.

The aroma of apple and bergamot in the top notes is both welcoming and elegant. The heart notes of cedarwood and leather then take the lead, providing a rich depth that remains consistent throughout the day. The perfume concludes with a musky base note, which leaves a long-lasting and distinct impression. While the scent is noticeable, it's not overtly powerful, making it a more subtle choice for daily wear.

Vespero shines in the cooler seasons of fall and spring, where its woody and fresh aroma complements the atmospheric vibes. It's particularly suitable for the evening, or occasions like a night out or a casual hangout. Yet, its refined nature doesn't shy away from fitting in a business scenario either.

The main criticism would be its lower appeal to women and younger audiences, and the slightly reduced impact during summer. The value for money aspect is also not to be overlooked; it's not a budget option, but for those who appreciate its unique scent profile, a worthy investment.

In conclusion, Vespero by Jeroboam is a perfume for the mature and discerning man who appreciates a complex yet unpretentious fragrance.

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