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Rausch by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

Rausch by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2012

Key Notes of Rausch

What Does Rausch Smell Like

Rausch by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin is a unisex fragrance that embraces a rich, spicy opening, with the slight sharpness of red pepper dancing in harmony with the warm, creamy undertone of sandalwood. This initial sensation paves the way for an earthy heart, where the woody intensity of patchouli mingles with the luscious, smooth sweetness of vanilla. Cypriol adds a hint of an exotic, mysterious edge to the middle notes, giving the scent a somewhat wild personality.

As the fragrance evolves, it settles into a warm and comforting base. The bold, resinous amber note becomes more evident, wrapping around the scent like a soft, cozy blanket on a cold night. There's a touch of oud too, adding yet another depth to the perfume. It's strong, it's woody, but it's also beautifully balanced with the other notes, ensuring that it doesn't overpower the fragrance but instead adds to its overall charm.

In essence, Rausch is a scent that's as captivating as a roaring bonfire on a chilly autumn evening – warm, spicy, and subtly smoky, with a sweet undertone that lingers long after the flames have died down.

Review of Rausch

Rausch by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin, released in 2012, captures the spirit of the colder months. Its scent profile leans heavily on spicy and woody notes, creating an inviting warmth that's perfect for autumn and winter evenings. There's a touch of sweetness that adds a pleasant depth to the smoky undertones. The resinous and oriental components add a touch of mystery, while the animal and earthy notes ground the perfume, making it feel genuine and grounded. The result is a bold and robust fragrance that leaves a lasting impression, ensuring you won't be easily forgotten. Rausch is ideal for leisurely nights out when the aim is to impress. While it is unisex, the blend has a slight masculine tilt, making it a great choice for men seeking a fragrance that is different from the norm. It's not your everyday perfume, but that's what makes Rausch an interesting choice for those who dare to stand out.

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