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Trance by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

Trance by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2012

What Does Trance Smell Like

Trance by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin opens with a strong, striking Turkish rose. Its scent is rich and intoxicating, immediately seizing your senses with a heady floral charm. As the scent begins to unfold, it transforms into a warm, spicy heart. The scent of the spices is potent, yet intriguing, dancing on your skin and intriguing your senses. It’s like a teasing promise of a mystery about to be revealed. The floral hints of blossoms are subtle here, offering a soft counterpoint to the spice.

As the perfume dries down, Absinth and Cistus absolute start to surface, diverging from the spice-dominated heart and leading the scent down a different path. The Absinth gives off a slightly bitter, herbaceous aroma. It's an unexpected twist that adds a touch of the exotic. On the other hand, Cistus absolute contributes a resinous, somewhat woody fragrance. It's grounded and earthy, offering a pleasingly rustic undertone. The blend of these two base notes is unexpected, yet harmonious, marrying the complex aromas into a scent that's both pleasantly floral and tantalizingly spicy, yet with a slightly earthy undercurrent.

Review of Trance

Trance by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin is a perfume that doesn't shy away from making a statement. Its unisex character caters slightly more to women, yet still presents an appealing option for men. The scent profile is predominantly floral with an intriguing spicy undernote, offering a warm richness that circles back to a hint of sweetness. The resinous and woody notes enhance this warmth, while a trace of smoky essence adds an exciting mysterious twist. The gourmand element is subtle, adding a comforting familiarity. This perfume truly comes alive in the chillier months of fall and winter, wrapping around you like a warm shawl. It's a perfect accompaniment to an evening event or a night out, yet it manages to be versatile enough for leisurely activities. Despite its modest everyday usability, Trance adds a touch of flair to your daily routine. Its longevity is impressive, ensuring your scent lingers like a memorable melody.

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