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Treffpunkt 8 Uhr by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin

Treffpunkt 8 Uhr by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2012

Key Notes of Treffpunkt 8 Uhr

What Does Treffpunkt 8 Uhr Smell Like

Treffpunkt 8 Uhr by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin is a unisex perfume that offers a blend of spicy, woody, fruity, green, and fresh accords. Upon first spray, the scent greets you with a prominent spicy ginger note, accompanied by a hint of sweet and juicy mango. This combination provides a lively, warm, and slightly tropical opening.

As the perfume develops, the green and herbal qualities of sage come forward, lending a touch of earthiness to the fragrance. This balances the initial spiciness and sweetness, creating a harmonious middle stage of the scent.

As the perfume dries down, the woody and earthy character of vetiver takes center stage, grounding the fragrance in a deeply satisfying, calming way. This base note adds a sense of depth and richness to the overall experience, finishing the scent on a warm and comforting note.

Overall, Treffpunkt 8 Uhr is a well-balanced blend of spicy, fruity, green, and woody notes that creates a lively yet comforting fragrance suitable for both men and women. The combination of ginger, mango, sage, and vetiver offers a unique and enticing scent that is both invigorating and calming, making it a versatile choice for any occasion.

Review of Treffpunkt 8 Uhr

Treffpunkt 8 Uhr by J.F. Schwarzlose Berlin, released in 2012, is a unisex perfume with a leaning towards the male audience. The scent is a blend of spicy and woody notes, with hints of fruitiness, green freshness, and a touch of sweetness. This composition makes it an ideal choice for those looking for a balanced yet noticeable fragrance.

The perfume shines in the spring and fall seasons, where the combination of its spicy, woody, and fruity aspects is most appreciated. However, its fresh and slightly sweet character also makes it suitable for summer wear. The versatility of Treffpunkt 8 Uhr means it can be worn during various occasions, from leisure and daily use, to business meetings or evening events, and even on a night out.

In terms of longevity, Treffpunkt 8 Uhr offers a decent performance, ensuring that the scent will accompany you throughout the day without being overwhelming. The sillage, while not particularly strong, is enough to leave a subtle trail of scent that will be noticed by those nearby.

When considering the value of this perfume, it presents a reasonable option for those seeking a well-rounded and balanced fragrance without breaking the bank. In summary, Treffpunkt 8 Uhr is a solid choice for individuals who desire a versatile and stylish perfume with a perfect blend of spicy, woody, and fruity notes.

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