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Background by Jil Sander

Background by Jil Sander
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 1993
Brand: Jil Sander

Key Notes of Background

What Does Background Smell Like

Background by Jil Sander opens with a playful fusion of raspberry sweetness and the herby freshness of aniseed. The citrusy spark of lemon and bergamot adds a light, invigorating touch, while the aromatic lavender and tarragon introduce a calming undertone. The scent evolves into a floral heart, led by the powdery charm of heliotrope. Accents of spicy cinnamon mingle with the romantic whispers of lily, jasmine, and rose. Carnation adds a hint of clove-like spice to this floral bouquet, while the lily of the valley brings a soft, green freshness. As the fragrance settles, it wraps you in a comforting blanket of creamy sandalwood and sweet tonka bean. The warmth of amber and cedarwood emerges, subtly underpinned by the cozy softness of musk and vanilla. Benzoin heightens the rich, resinous base, rounding off this fragrance with a sweet, oriental finish. In essence, Background by Jil Sander is a warm, sweet and spicy blend, punctuated by tender floral notes and wrapped in a woody oriental embrace.

Review of Background

Background by Jil Sander is a perfume that exudes a confident masculinity, making it a preferred choice for many men. Released in 1993, its formulation as an Eau de Toilette ensures a lasting impression without being overpowering. The scent is a well-rounded blend, with a dominant spicy note that speaks to a bold personality, underscored by a sweet warmth that adds an inviting complexity. Woody undertones provide a dependable base, while floral, oriental, and fruity notes add layers of richness and depth. The touch of green and powdery elements bring subtlety, making it a well-balanced scent.

This perfume shines in the cooler seasons of fall and winter, where its cozy warmth can truly be appreciated. It lends itself well to evenings and nights out, but it's versatile enough to be worn daily or to casual business outings. Considering its longevity and well-crafted scent, Background by Jil Sander offers good value for any man looking for a reliable, mature, and comfortably complex perfume.

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