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Simply by Jil Sander

Simply by Jil Sander
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2014
Brand: Jil Sander

Key Notes of Simply

What Does Simply Smell Like

Simply by Jil Sander for women unfolds on the skin with an initial whiff of violet leaf, its green and slightly aquatic scent softened by a whisper of bright, citrusy bergamot and sweet mandarin orange. This top layer of light, fresh notes seamlessly transitions into the heart of the perfume, where the scent of violet comes into full bloom. Here, the floral sweetness of violet is balanced with the dry, woody aroma of cedar, the warm, sensual scent of musk, and a hint of nutmeg for a subtly spicy undertone. As the perfume continues to evolve, the base notes emerge to round out the composition. The rich, slightly smoky scent of leather is complemented by the warm, creamy aroma of vanilla and the earthy, slightly sweet scent of patchouli. The result is a fragrance that is simultaneously floral, woody, spicy, leathery, and powdery, creating a scent that is inherently feminine and subtly complex. Each note is carefully balanced, ensuring that no single aroma overpowers the others, resulting in a perfume that is as harmonious as it is captivating.

Review of Simply

Simply by Jil Sander is a mature perfume that resonates well with women predominantly. The scent is a comforting blend of floral and woody notes, with a touch of spicy and leathery undertones, making it an ideal fragrance for the cooler months of fall and winter. Its powdery finish adds a hint of nostalgia, while a subtle freshness keeps it from feeling too heavy.

For the everyday woman, this perfume is an ideal choice. It's not too overpowering in the office or too delicate for casual wear. The scent's balance creates a comforting presence throughout the day, while the slightly sweet undertone makes it presentable for an evening out. It's not a perfume that screams for attention but instead, creates a subtle allure around its wearer, making it a reliable companion from morning till night. The scent is well-worth its price, making it a smart choice for those seeking a perfume that's consistent in personality and endurance.

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