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Stylessence by Jil Sander

Stylessence by Jil Sander
Gender: Women
Release date: 2007
Perfumer: Bernard Ellena
Brand: Jil Sander

Key Notes of Stylessence

What Does Stylessence Smell Like

Stylessence by Jil Sander for women opens with a bright, spicy hit of cardamom, blending smoothly with the crisp, green aroma of orange leaf. The initial spice gently gives way to the soft, sweet notes of freesia and the citrusy hints of petitgrain, adding a delicate freshness to the opening.

As the perfume settles, the heart of the fragrance unveils a beautiful bouquet of white flowers. The dominant scent of orange blossom offers a sweet, honey-like aroma, enhanced by the slightly bitter and subtly green scent of neroli. Complementary hints of violet add a powdery depth, while the sheer warmth of jasmine provides a gentle backdrop.

In the dry down, Stylessence reveals its woody and oriental undertones. The scent of hinoki wood brings a clean, cedar-like aroma, intensifying the perfume's overall depth and richness. The presence of musk adds a comforting warmth and sensuality, while amber imparts a sweet, resinous finish, enhancing the oriental feel of the fragrance.

Overall, Stylessence by Jil Sander is a perfume that oscillates between floral sweetness, spicy freshness, and warm, woody depth, with each layer revealing a distinct facet of its harmoniously blended bouquet.

Review of Stylessence

Stylessence by Jil Sander is a perfume that leans towards a feminine audience, particularly mature women. The scent profile is a diverse blend, majorly rooted in floral and woody undertones. It has a well-defined sweetness, which is tastefully wrapped in a powdery, oriental essence, and is subtly spiced. A hint of gourmand adds an unexpected, yet fitting touch.

This perfume is best suited for the colder seasons, particularly fall and winter. Its character is versatile enough to be worn during both daytime and nighttime occasions, adding a touch of floral elegance to leisurely evenings, lively nights out, or even in a professional business setting.

Stylessence's longevity is commendable, offering a scent that lingers without overwhelming. Its sillage is moderate, creating a personal aura without becoming intrusive. As for value, this is a perfume that offers quality and an appealing scent profile at a reasonable price, making it a worthwhile addition to your perfume collection.

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