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Seduction Collection - Iris Crush by Jimmy Choo

Seduction Collection - Iris Crush by Jimmy Choo
Gender: Women
Release date: 2020
Brand: Jimmy Choo

Key Notes of Seduction Collection - Iris Crush

What Does Seduction Collection - Iris Crush Smell Like

Seduction Collection - Iris Crush by Jimmy Choo kicks off with a fresh floral bouquet, featuring a notable presence of bright freesia and subtle neroli. This opening is then subtly tinged with a hint of mild pink pepper, adding a slightly spicy edge to the initial floral scent.

As the fragrance evolves, a distinct makeup-like lipstick scent becomes prominent, bringing an intriguing and unconventional twist to the mix. This is then beautifully blended with the creamy, slightly sweet scent of iris, and the almond-like floral aroma of heliotrope. Exploring further, the scent offers a sense of complexity, as it displays a heady combination of creamy, floral, and slightly spicy accords.

Lastly, the base notes feature a soft, clean muskiness that continues the sweet, powdery journey. The warm, sweet scent of the tonka bean adds a touch of coziness and rounds out the blend. This is perfectly complemented by a hint of the earthy natural scent of patchouli.

Overall, the perfume is a symphony of sweet, powdery, and spicy notes that intertwine with a floral, creamy background, resulting in an intriguing and captivating fragrance.

Review of Seduction Collection - Iris Crush

Launched by Jimmy Choo in 2020, the Seduction Collection - Iris Crush is a sweet, powdery, and floral scent that swings the pendulum more towards the feminine side of the spectrum. Its scent profile is indeed a testament to its name, with iris being one of the most dominant notes. The sweet and creamy aspects of the perfume, likely due to the presence of Tonka bean, add a certain richness and warmth to the overall fragrance.

This perfume truly shines during the cooler seasons of fall and winter, alluding to its nature as a comfort scent. It evokes an image of cozy nights spent indoors, curled up with a good book, or intimate gatherings with close friends. However, it doesn't shy away from being worn during spring, which speaks to the infusion of fresh floral notes that are usually associated with the season. The perfume, though, feels a bit too heavy for the summer heat.

For the occasion, it’s more suitable for nights out and evening rendezvous than daytime activities. It's the kind of scent that would complement a sophisticated dress for a romantic dinner or a leisurely evening at a high-end lounge.

The longevity is decent, but the sillage could be better. It tends to stay close to the skin, making it a more personal scent rather than one that announces your arrival.

In terms of value, it dances around the middle ground. It isn't a steal, but for the unique scent profile and the versatility, it may be worth a try.

The Seduction Collection - Iris Crush by Jimmy Choo is for the woman who loves a sweet, powdery scent that flirts with floral and creamy notes.

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