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Myrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone

Myrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2017
Brand: Jo Malone

Key Notes of Myrrh & Tonka

What Does Myrrh & Tonka Smell Like

Myrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone is a unisex perfume that envelops the senses with a blend of spicy, sweet, creamy, woody, and oriental accords. The fragrance opens with the soothing and calming aroma of lavender, offering a gentle introduction to the perfume's heart. As the scent progresses, the rich and resinous essence of Namibian myrrh takes center stage, adding depth and warmth to the composition.

The base of Myrrh & Tonka is where the perfume truly shines, with the combination of tonka bean, vanilla, and almond creating a harmonious and indulgent foundation. The tonka bean provides a smooth, sweet, and slightly spicy aroma, while the vanilla adds a soft, creamy sweetness that envelops the other notes. The addition of almond brings a subtle nutty undertone, enhancing the overall richness and complexity of the fragrance.

Overall, Myrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone is a captivating and well-balanced scent that intertwines the calming qualities of lavender, the warmth of Namibian myrrh, and the indulgent sweetness of tonka bean, vanilla, and almond. This perfume is perfect for those who appreciate a rich, warm, and inviting fragrance that makes a statement without being overpowering.

Review of Myrrh & Tonka

Myrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone, released in 2017, is a unisex fragrance that leans slightly more towards men and women in equal measure. This formulation is catered to an audience that comprises more of mature individuals as compared to younger ones. It offers a scent profile that can be described as spicy and sweet, with hints of creaminess. The oriental, woody, and resinous notes beautifully complement the fragrance, while smoky, powdery, and gourmand undertones add depth to its character.

This perfume is ideal for fall and winter seasons, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a warm and cozy aroma during the colder months. Its suitability for spring is also noteworthy, although it may not be the best option for the hot summer days.

When considering the appropriate occasion to wear Myrrh & Tonka, it shines during evening events and night outs. The scent is also fitting for leisure activities and can be a suitable choice for daily wear or even for business meetings.

In summary, Myrrh & Tonka by Jo Malone is a well-balanced fragrance that combines spicy and sweet elements with an oriental touch. It is a great option for men and women seeking a cozy and comforting scent during the colder seasons. Its versatility allows it to be worn during various occasions, making it a valuable addition to your perfume collection.

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