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Orange Bitters by Jo Malone

Orange Bitters by Jo Malone
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2016
Brand: Jo Malone

Key Notes of Orange Bitters

What Does Orange Bitters Smell Like

Orange Bitters by Jo Malone opens with a pronounced citrusy, tangy orange scent, enriched a hint of crisp and green petitgrain note. The aldehydes add a clean, slightly soapy hint in the background. As the fragrance settles, the sharper, juicy quality of the orange gives way to a more bitter, aromatic orange facet, more pungent and slightly medicinal. The floral addition of jasmine lightens the bitterness, providing a subtle creaminess, while the prune introduces a mild, dry, and sweet fruitiness in the mix. The dry down of the fragrance reveals a warm and creamy sandalwood note, adding depth and a touch of sweetness to the composition. The papyrus note gives an earthy and slightly green hint, hinting at dry paper or straw. The touch of amber brings a mild, warm golden glow and a comfortable, resinous sweetness, while the patchouli adds a woody, earthy undertone. Overall, this unisex fragrance can be described as an aromatic and citrusy composition with a dynamic contrast between sweet and bitter orange notes, underpinned by woody and subtly sweet base notes.

Review of Orange Bitters

Orange Bitters by Jo Malone is a great option for those who prefer a scent that's not overly sweet, yet still holds a hint of inviting warmth. This fragrance is truly a blend of contrasts. The opening notes of orange are crisp and energizing, reminiscent of biting into a fresh-picked fruit on a cool autumn day. This initial citrusy burst mellows down to a comforting hint of spicy warmth and woody undertones, making it versatile for both daywear and evening occasions.

While Jo Malone's Orange Bitters is unisex, it appears to have a slight tilt towards women, according to audience feedback. However, it must be stated that the scent doesn't lean too femininely; it simply has a slightly softer edge that many women seem to appreciate.

One of its strengths is its suitability for different seasons, with a slight emphasis on Fall. But don't box it in - it's an all-rounder that can be your go-to scent throughout the year. The longevity, while not extraordinary, is decent enough for a day at work or a leisurely outing.

Where Orange Bitters may fall short is in its sillage. It's quite subtle and not the type to leave a long-lasting trail or make a bold statement. However, for those who prefer a more personal, intimate fragrance, this could be a positive aspect.

In terms of value, it's slightly above average. However, considering the quality and versatility of the scent, it's a reasonable investment for a perfume lover. Orange Bitters offers a unique blend of notes that can transition from day to night, from casual to formal, making it a flexible addition to any fragrance wardrobe.

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