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White Moss & Snowdrop by Jo Malone

White Moss & Snowdrop by Jo Malone
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018
Brand: Jo Malone

Key Notes of White Moss & Snowdrop

What Does White Moss & Snowdrop Smell Like

White Moss & Snowdrop by Jo Malone opens with a crisp, citrus scent, led by the distinct aroma of petitgrain. This is quickly paired with a subtle undercurrent of sweet clementine, adding a playful hint of juiciness to the initial introduction. As the fragrance starts to evolve, the delicate scent of snowdrop flowers comes to the forefront. This floral note gives a graceful and pure smell, delicately intertwined with the light, bitter-sweet scent of neroli. These early impressions slowly give way to the scent's foundation, marked by a clear, earthy aroma of white moss. This mossy note provides a grounding element, softened by a whisper of warm amber that adds a subtle sweetness. A subtle hint of tonka bean rounds out the scent, adding a layer of creaminess, giving the fragrance an overall soothing and comforting finish. This intricate blend creates a scent that comes across as clean and fresh, while still retaining a certain depth and complexity.

Review of White Moss & Snowdrop

Jo Malone's White Moss & Snowdrop is a notable perfume that doesn't shy away from making a statement. Its scent profile leans toward the floral and fresh, with a hint of green, which makes it perfect for those who appreciate nature-inspired fragrances. The dominant presence of white moss and snowdrop offers an olfactory experience reminiscent of a crisp spring morning, while the subtle undertones of citrus, spice, and creaminess add a layer of complexity.

This scent tends to resonate more with women, but its unisex formulation makes it accessible to anyone willing to try something a bit different. While it may not be the longest-lasting perfume on the market, it has a moderate staying power, which should get you through a day at the office or a casual outing with friends.

White Moss & Snowdrop is most reflective of the spring season, where its green and floral tones mirror the blossoming of life around us. However, its flexibility also allows it to transition well into summer and even winter, making it a versatile addition to any perfume collection.

The perfume is suitable for a variety of occasions. Its lightness makes it ideal for everyday use, while its unique scent profile also makes it stand out during leisure activities. In terms of value, while it may not be the most affordable, it provides a certain exclusivity that justifies its price tag.

On the downside, its sillage could be stronger. It's not a fragrance that fills a room, but rather one that invites a closer connection. Overall, White Moss & Snowdrop is a distinctive, nature-inspired perfume that doesn't sacrifice complexity for freshness. It's well worth a try for those looking for something a little bit different.

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