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John Galliano by John Galliano

John Galliano by John Galliano
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2008

Key Notes of John Galliano

What Does John Galliano Smell Like

John Galliano's eponymous perfume welcomes you with the fresh, zesty scent of bergamot, subtly intertwined with the crispness of angelica and a hint of aldehydes. It's almost like strolling through an invigorating citrus grove at dawn, the morning dew shimmering on the leaves.

As the initial sparkle fades, an exquisite floral bouquet unfurls. The creamy, velvety tones of iris, lavender, and peony command your attention, their aroma rich and sumptuous. It's as though you're wandering in a serene field of purple hues, each flower delicately whispering its fragrant secrets. Interspersed with this is the seductive aroma of violets and roses, lending a nostalgic, romantic touch to the perfume.

The dry down is a dance of oriental allure and comfort. The warmth of amber and the earthy, woody notes of cedar and patchouli create a cocoon of coziness. A light muskiness weaves through this base, enhancing the seductive draw of the perfume, while the smoky frankincense adds a touch of mystery.

In essence, John Galliano is a perfume that opens with a tantalizing citrusy sparkle, unfolds into a lush, romantic floral heart, and leaves you with a warm, smoky oriental embrace.

Review of John Galliano

John Galliano's self-titled perfume, released in 2008, is definitely a statement scent for women. The richness of this Eau de Parfum is brought to life with its dominant floral notes, which are artfully balanced by powdery undertones. Smoky and sweet notes bring depth, while oriental, woody, and spicy aspects add complexity to the fragrance.

The perfume is ideally suited for the cooler months of fall and winter, giving off a sense of warmth and comfort. Its intensity makes it an excellent choice for evening wear and nights out, though it can also add an interesting twist to leisurely daytime activities.

The longevity of this scent is commendable, making it a perfume that lasts and evolves as the day progresses. Its sillage is moderate, leaving a gentle trail without being too overpowering.

In terms of value, John Galliano offers a reliable, pleasant experience for those who appreciate a deep, floral perfume with a smoky undertone. Its character is decidedly feminine, appealing to women who enjoy making a distinct impression with their fragrance choice.

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