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Artisan Black by John Varvatos

Artisan Black by John Varvatos
Gender: Men
Release date: 2010

What Does Artisan Black Smell Like

Artisan Black by John Varvatos opens up with a dominant wave of sharp and tangy blood orange, tempered by a pinch of crisp lemon. The initial bold citrus is deepened by a softer mandarin orange note, giving the blend a juicier character, with undertones of fresh mint. There's a subtle herbal hint courtesy of the thyme, basil and the unique presence of rhubarb, paired with a faint trace of boxwood and galbanum, and an undetectable whisper of blackcurrant bud.

As it begins to dry down, the fragrance reveals a spicy heart with pronounced ginger and cardamom notes. The spice is softened with a touch of sweet orange blossom, a hint of piquant coriander seed and delicate undertones of jasmine and neroli. This blend is rounded off with a whisper of orange jessamine.

Upon complete dry-down, the base reveals a complex mix of unusual phytolacca dioica, partnered with the less common note of kephalis. The fragrance takes on a deeper tone of smooth leather and earthy vetiver. Complementing this, there's a hint of orris root and patchouli, with the serene note of serenolide rounding off the scent. Overall, Artisan Black is a citrusy-spicy fragrance with a green, woody edge and a soft leather finish.

Review of Artisan Black

Artisan Black by John Varvatos can be best described as a daring fusion of citrus and spice that makes for a lively, invigorating scent. It's an aroma that can be appreciated by men, particularly those who are confident and unafraid to make a statement with their fragrance. Artisan Black doesn't shy away from making its presence known, yet it manages to avoid being overwhelming.

This perfume opens with a crisp and tangy punch of blood orange, lemon and a hint of mint, creating a vibrant first impression. As it warms on the skin, the heart notes of ginger and cardamom come forward, adding a spicy depth that contrasts nicely with the initial citrusy burst. This transition provides a dynamic experience as the perfume evolves through its stages.

While Artisan Black has a robust scent profile, its longevity and sillage could use some improvement. It's perfect for a day out or a business setting, but if you're looking for a scent to carry you into the night, this may not be the one.

As for seasonality, it leans towards the warmer months of spring and summer, but its spicy undertones also make it comfortable in the fall. The freshness of the citrus combined with the warmth of the spice creates a balanced scent that's versatile enough for various occasions.

In conclusion, Artisan Black by John Varvatos is a bold, lively fragrance that caters to the confident man. Its dynamic scent profile is engaging, though it may require a top-up throughout the day. It's a fragrance that commands attention without demanding it.

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