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Oud by John Varvatos

Oud by John Varvatos
Gender: Men
Release date: 2014

What Does Oud Smell Like

Oud by John Varvatos is a statement-making fragrance that captivates the senses right from the opening notes. The scent wraps you up in a surprising interaction of clary sage and hyssop, with a subtle hint of tobacco and juniper berry. The aroma is distinctly woody and spicy, with an oriental undertone that can transport you to far-off exotic places.

As the fragrance evolves, the richness of the orient takes center stage. The heart of the perfume is a vibrant bouquet of osmanthus, Egyptian jasmine, and Turkish rose, intertwined with spiced undertones of Laotian cinnamon, Malabar pepper, Zanzibar clove, and Sri Lankan cardamom. A faint, yet distinct, note of Persian saffron is also detectable, it creates an intriguing twist to the blend.

The grand finale comes from the base notes which bring out a profound woody and intensely resinous aroma. The dominant scent of frankincense and oud is complemented by the depth of myrrh and opoponax. Amber offers a delicate sweetness, while black leather and Lebanon cedar add a smoky, rugged touch. Spanish labdanum rounds off the equation with a resinous charm.

All in all, Oud by John Varvatos envelops you in a richly aromatic experience that is deeply woody, exotically spicy, and subtly smoky.

Review of Oud

John Varvatos' Oud is a formidable fragrance that resonates particularly well with a mature male audience. Unveiled in 2014, this perfume is a rich tapestry of woody and spicy elements with a hint of oriental charm. The scent is predominantly rooted in the autumnal ambiance, making it a perfect companion for those crisp, fall evenings.

The scent opens with a distinct presence of clary sage which intertwines seamlessly with tobacco's robust aroma. As the top notes evaporate, the heart notes of osmanthus absolute and Egyptian jasmine absolute begin to unfold, adding a layer of complexity to the perfume. The dry down uncovers a deep and resonant base of frankincense and oud, lending it a smoky, leathery undertone that is hard to ignore.

For the discerning gent, Oud by John Varvatos offers a unique sensory experience that is both rich and delicate. It’s ideally worn in the evening, adding a touch of intrigue to a night out. However, it does not overpower in a business setting either - it subtly underlines the wearer's presence without being too assertive.

The perfume's longevity is somewhat mixed. Some might find it lasting through the day, while others might feel the need for a mid-day refresher. The perfume's sillage is also moderate, making it less suited for those who prefer a more pronounced, room-filling fragrance.

In terms of value, Oud by John Varvatos is a worthy investment for those in search of a mature scent with a blend of traditional and exotic ingredients. It's a perfume that speaks volumes about the wearer's taste and sophistication, all the while, remaining grounded and unpretentious.

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