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Joop! Homme Ice by Joop!

Joop! Homme Ice by Joop!
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Maïa Lernout
Brand: Joop!

Key Notes of Joop! Homme Ice

What Does Joop! Homme Ice Smell Like

Joop! Homme Ice by Joop! is a men's fragrance that begins with a vivid and zesty introduction of grapefruit, coupled with the juicy sweetness of ripe plums. The citrusy tartness of bergamot and the subtle, almost herbal quality of clary sage gently intermingle with these fruity tones, offering a crisp, fresh opening.

As the fragrance unfolds, a heart of orange blossom emerges, bringing a soft, subtly sweet floral nuance that beautifully complements the spicy, warm hint of cardamom. The addition of a faint tobacco note adds a distinct, somewhat darker layer to the mix.

The perfume develops to a close with a grounding presence of sandalwood, providing a rich, creamy undertone that elegantly contrasts the bright and fruity elements of the earlier composition. Even though the fruity and sweet accords are the most dominant, the synthetic, spicy, and fresh aspects are not left behind and they pull through and linger, offering a full-bodied aromatic experience. The overall smell of Joop! Homme Ice can be described as a refreshing fruity sweetness, offset by spicy, warm nuances and wrapped up in a creamy sandalwood base.

Review of Joop! Homme Ice

Joop! Homme Ice by Joop! is a scent that will transport you to a crisp spring morning. With a dominant fruity accent, it's a not-too-sweet scent that's sure to enliven your senses. This perfume is not your everyday run-of-the-mill fragrance, it's a breath of fresh air with its fresh undertones and a subtle hint of spice to give it a slight edge. The synthetic notes are not overpowering, instead, they serve to enhance the overall aroma. Not to forget, there's a delicate woody note giving this perfume a rustic charm. This scent is perfect for a leisurely afternoon or a regular day at work, it's not too loud, but has a quiet allure that will surely get you noticed. While it's a scent meant primarily for men, it could also appeal to women who prefer scents that are not overly sweet or floral. This perfume is a worthwhile investment if you seek a scent that's fresh, subtly sweet, and a little spicy.

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