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Liquid Illusion by Juliette Has A Gun

Liquid Illusion by Juliette Has A Gun
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2018
Perfumer: Romano Ricci

Key Notes of Liquid Illusion

What Does Liquid Illusion Smell Like

Juliette Has A Gun's Liquid Illusion invites your senses on a fragrant journey, blending art and science into a delightful aromatic experience. On the first whiff, a soft touch of almond mingles with the synthetic heliotropin, creating a soothing and slightly sweet impression. The scent is reminiscent of marzipan dessert, warm and powdery, with an uncannily realistic aroma.

As time passes, the perfume transitions into its heart. An intricate duet of orris absolute and orris root unfolds, setting a floral and earthy stage. The scent is creamy and velvety with a hint of iris-like woodiness. Tuberose is delicately threaded into the fragrance's core, adding a layer of intoxicating, creamy floral richness without overwhelming the composition.

Finally, the base notes gradually bloom, revealing a warm hug of Benzoin Siam. It is resinous and slightly smoky, replicating the scent of vanilla without its usual sweetness. The faint touch of Tonka bean adds a whisper of nutty, spiced warmth to the overall blend, giving it a comforting finish.

Overall, Liquid Illusion is a creamy, powdery fragrance with sweet, floral undertones. It is a blend of comforting, familiar scents, housed within a vessel of modern fragrance innovation, creating a sensory illusion that lingers gently on the skin.

Review of Liquid Illusion

Liquid Illusion from Juliette Has A Gun is an intriguing unisex fragrance, though it appears to resonate more with women. Released in 2018, it's a newer scent that pulls from traditional notes to create something distinctly modern.

The first hint of this perfume delivers a subtle almond overtone, followed by the powdery sweetness of orris and a slightly spicy tuberose. The powdery sweetness is the most dominant aspect, making it a great choice for those who prefer their scents on the softer, more feminine side.

As for its endurance, the fragrance doesn't disappoint. It carries itself throughout the day, though it doesn't tend to leave a trail of scent behind, making it a good option for those who prefer a more personal perfume experience.

Liquid Illusion seems to shine brightest in the cooler months of fall and spring, as the sweet and creamy elements are accentuated by the crisp air. It's versatile enough for evening wear, but equally suitable for daily use, or even a night out.

The scent's value lies in its balance; it's neither too overpowering nor too light. However, the price point might suggest otherwise. This perfume leans towards the expensive side, which could be off-putting to some potential buyers.

In conclusion, Liquid Illusion is a good choice for women looking for a powdery, sweet, and slightly floral scent that has a decent longevity without being too intrusive. However, the price point might be a consideration for some. It's a distinct, modern fragrance that's firmly rooted in tradition.

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