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Vanilla Vibes by Juliette Has A Gun

Vanilla Vibes by Juliette Has A Gun
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019
Perfumer: Romano Ricci

What Does Vanilla Vibes Smell Like

Vanilla Vibes by Juliette Has A Gun is a unisex perfume that offers a delightful blend of sweet and aquatic aromas, creating a harmoniously balanced scent. At the forefront of the fragrance, you'll notice the prominent fleur de sel, which imparts a fresh, slightly salty and crisp feeling. This aquatic top note lingers gently yet distinctively, paving the way for the heart of the perfume.

As you delve deeper into the scent, the rich and creamy vanilla absolute takes center stage. This comforting and warm aroma envelopes your senses, providing a familiar sweetness that is both indulgent and soft. The vanilla is not overpowering, but rather, it pairs perfectly with the aquatic top notes, making it a well-rounded and balanced composition.

The base notes of this perfume are a delightful combination of benzoin absolute, brown musk, tonka bean absolute, and sandalwood absolute. The benzoin and tonka bean bring a slightly sweet, resinous depth, while the brown musk adds a subtle earthiness to the scent. The sandalwood absolute adds a hint of woodiness, grounding the fragrance and providing a smooth finish.

Overall, Vanilla Vibes is a beautifully crafted perfume that effortlessly combines the sweetness of vanilla with the freshness of aquatic notes, creating a scent that is both comforting and invigorating. The unique blend of base notes adds depth and complexity, resulting in a well-rounded, captivating fragrance that is sure to delight the senses.

Review of Vanilla Vibes

Vanilla Vibes by Juliette Has A Gun is a 2019 release that has garnered attention for its blend of sweet, creamy, and aquatic notes. This unisex fragrance leans slightly more towards the feminine side, making it an ideal choice for women who enjoy a delicate and well-balanced scent.

The perfume opens with a prominent sweet vanilla aroma, which is complemented by a touch of aquatic freshness. This combination results in a delightful fusion of warmth and coolness, making it perfect for summer and spring seasons. As the fragrance develops, there's a hint of synthetic creaminess that adds an interesting layer to the overall scent profile. Subtle floral and gourmand notes make an appearance as well, with a dash of spice that lends a bit of depth to the composition.

When it comes to longevity and sillage, Vanilla Vibes does fairly well. The fragrance lasts a decent amount of time on the skin, and its moderate sillage ensures that it won't be too overpowering in close quarters.

As for occasions, this perfume shines in casual, leisurely settings as well as daily wear. Its fresh, sweet, and slightly aquatic character makes it an easy choice for daytime outings or a day at the office.

In conclusion, Vanilla Vibes is a well-rounded and enjoyable fragrance that will appeal to those who appreciate a sweet yet fresh scent with a touch of creaminess. Its versatility in various settings and seasons adds to its appeal, making it a worthy addition to your perfume collection.

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