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Lamar by Kajal

kajal lamar
Gender: Women
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Mark Buxton
Brand: Kajal

Key Notes of Lamar

What Does Lamar Smell Like

Lamar by Kajal is a women's perfume characterized by its fruity, sweet, floral, spicy, and oriental accords. The fragrance opens with dominant notes of pineapple, followed by apple and red berries, creating a fresh and fruity sensation. The presence of bergamot, cardamom, and orange adds a touch of citrusy and spicy nuances, while a hint of coriander rounds out the top notes.

In the heart of the perfume, the floral aspect emerges with Bulgarian rose and magnolia as the prominent middle notes. Jasmine sambac absolute and Turkish rose provide additional floral depth, while the subtle presence of saffron and tagetes adds a touch of exotic warmth and spiciness.

The base of Lamar by Kajal features ambroxan and musk, giving the fragrance a smooth and sensual foundation. Toffee and vanilla contribute to the perfume's sweetness, while cedarwood imparts a gentle woodiness. A trace of moss adds an earthy undertone, completing the overall scent profile.

In summary, Lamar by Kajal is a well-balanced composition of fruity, floral, and oriental elements, with a touch of sweetness and spice. The fragrance offers a blend of fresh and warm notes, making it appealing for those who appreciate complexity and depth in a perfume.

Review of Lamar

Introducing Lamar by Kajal, a women's perfume released in 2020 that has been highly regarded for its scent, longevity, sillage, and bottle design. This fragrance features a predominantly fruity and sweet profile, with prominent floral accents and subtle spicy, oriental, woody, gourmand, and creamy notes.

Lamar is highly recommended for women, who make up the majority of its audience, although some men also find it appealing. The scent is versatile in terms of age appeal, attracting both young and mature individuals.

As a fragrance that shines during the fall and spring seasons, Lamar is best suited for those looking for a perfume that can transition between the warmth of summer and the cooler months of winter. While it may not be the top choice for summer, it still holds a respectable presence during the warmer season.

Lamar is ideal for evening occasions and nights out, offering a scent that can accompany you through leisurely activities or be your companion during daily errands. Although not specifically designed for business settings, it can still be worn with confidence in professional environments.

In terms of value, Lamar by Kajal offers good quality for its price, making it a worthwhile investment for those seeking a versatile and long-lasting fragrance. Its remarkable bottle design adds an extra touch of elegance to any perfume collection.

Overall, Lamar by Kajal is a great choice for women seeking a fruity and sweet scent with impressive longevity and sillage, suitable for various occasions and seasons.

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