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Black by Kappa

Black by Kappa
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Brand: Kappa

Key Notes of Black

What Does Black Smell Like

Black by Kappa opens with a brisk and exciting blend of violet, coriander, mint, and pink pepper. The violet lends a touch of sweetness, while the coriander and pink pepper provide a spicy undertone. The mint, on the other hand, delivers a stimulating, zesty edge, preventing the scent from becoming overwhelmingly sweet or spicy.

As the initial notes gently fade, you'll begin to detect the heart of the fragrance – a blend of cinnamon, lavender, pineapple, sage, and a hint of melon. The cinnamon is noticeably robust, providing a warm, sweet spiciness that's perfectly complemented by the floral lavender and fruity pineapple and melon. The sage adds a touch of earthy freshness, which pulls the sweet and spicy elements together.

Finally, as the scent continues to develop, you'll notice the base notes of amberwood, chestnut, vanilla, and cedarwood. The amberwood provides a rich, slightly sweet and warm undertone, while the chestnut introduces a nutty, earthy element. The vanilla adds a layer of comforting sweetness, and the cedarwood lends a woodsy note that grounds the overall sweetness and spiciness of the fragrance.

Overall, Black by Kappa is a pleasantly sweet, spicy, and oriental scent, laced with synthetic and gourmand influences that make it decidedly masculine.

Review of Black

Black by Kappa is a bold choice for men, particularly those who are looking for a scent that matches their dynamic personality. The perfume was launched in 2020 and has gained a noteworthy following, mainly because of its sweet and spicy notes that blend into an intriguing gourmand scent. The addition of synthetic and oriental undertones, although less prominent, adds an interesting twist, making it appealing to a broad range of noses.

The perfume opens with a vibrant burst of violet, mint, and pink pepper, providing a refreshing entry. As the top notes settle, the heart notes comprising cinnamon, lavender, and a hint of exotic fruits becomes more noticeable, making the fragrance more layered and complex. The base notes of amberwood, chestnut, and vanilla round out the scent, giving it a pleasing warmth and depth.

Although it's a fantastic choice for colder months, don’t let that limit you. It's an adaptable perfume that can also be worn during the spring, adding a spark of warmth and complexity to the cooler season. It’s a scent that lends itself to many settings, from a relaxed leisure day to a night out with friends, or even for daily use.

However, it's worth pointing out that its longevity and sillage might not meet everyone’s standards. Although it holds up decently, some might desire something that lasts longer and projects further. That said, the perfume offers excellent value for its price, making it a solid choice for those who enjoy sweet, spicy, and gourmand scents.

In conclusion, Black by Kappa is a versatile fragrance that suits a confident, modern man. Despite a few shortcomings, it's a scent that's worth considering for its intriguing blend and affordable price point.

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