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Indi by Katy Perry

Indi by Katy Perry
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2017
Perfumer: Caroline Sabas
Brand: Katy Perry

What Does Indi Smell Like

The scent of Indi by Katy Perry opens with a noticeable wave of white tea, boldly in the foreground. A subtle touch of plum lends a slight, yet appealing sweetness, while a hint of Italian bergamot adds a discreet, citrusy zest that complements the dominant white tea.

The perfume evolves to reveal a heart that pulses with the warm and woody resonances of white cedarwood. The undercurrent of lily of the valley brings a delicate floral presence into the mix, and a dash of cyclamen injects a fresh and slightly peppery nuance, providing a playful contrast to the robust cedarwood.

As the scent settles, musk emerges front and center, providing a soft yet substantial base that grounds the fragrance. The amber adds a muted, sweetly resinous undertone that enriches the overall scent, while the tonka bean wraps the composition with its gentle, somewhat vanillic warmth.

Overall, Indi presents a smell that is undeniably woody and creamy, yet also fresh, floral and sweet. It is a masterful blend of seemingly contrasting scents that merge into an organically unified whiff that does not overwhelm but subtly embraces your senses.

Review of Indi

Indi by Katy Perry is a perfume that dances on a line that's not often trodden. It's a perfume for women, but it doesn't take the well-trodden path of overt floral or sweet fragrances. Instead, it embraces a bold woody scent with a creamy undertone that sets it apart. This makes it a refreshing departure from the norm, appealing to those women who want to express their unique character.

The scent is not overwhelming and will not fill a room, making it ideal for close encounters or cozy settings. It works well for daily wear, and it's also versatile enough to wear to the office. It's a scent that's present but doesn't shout for attention - it whispers, gently catching the attention of those around you.

However, the longevity of Indi might be a point of contention. It doesn't wear for a whole day, and you might need to reapply it if you're going from a day at work to an evening out.

One of the standout characteristics of Indi is its season versatility. It's not limited to spring or summer, as many women's fragrances are. It has enough depth to be worn in fall, but it's light enough not to be overpowering in the hotter months.

In terms of value, Indi stands as a good option. It offers a scent profile that's different from the usual in the women's perfume market at a reasonable price. It might not last as long as you'd hope, but it's worth considering if you're looking for a perfume that breaks away from the floral and sweet norm.

Overall, Indi by Katy Perry is a solid choice for women who are not afraid to stand out and express their individuality. It's different, it's bold, and it's a refreshing addition to the perfume world.

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