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Purr by Katy Perry

Purr by Katy Perry
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2010
Brand: Katy Perry

What Does Purr Smell Like

Purr by Katy Perry opens with a prominent apple scent, crisp and juicy, making a strong first impression. This is accompanied by a subtle hint of bamboo, lending a touch of freshness. There's an absence of peach nectar, making the top notes predominantly fruity.

In the middle notes, jasmine takes center stage, its exotic floral aroma mingling beautifully with the initial fruitiness. The absence of Bulgarian rose and pink freesia lets jasmine stand out, creating a distinct floral heart.

As for the base notes, the perfume rounds off with a hint of vanilla orchid, imbuing the fragrance with a touch of creamy sweetness, not too overpowering but just enough to provide a comforting finish. The light undertone of sandalwood adds a subtle earthy touch, while white amber is absent, keeping the base primarily sweet and mildly woody.

Overall, Purr by Katy Perry presents a sweet, fruity, and floral melange, with a hint of freshness, grounded in a creamy vanilla and sandalwood base.

Review of Purr

Purr by Katy Perry, released in 2010, is a playful eau de parfum that captures the vibrant essence of the pop star herself. With a dominant fruity overtone, this fragrance exhibits a lively, youthful spirit that stands out during the buoyant springtime. The sweet undertones, however, make it versatile enough to also serve as a comforting scent during fall.

The first whiff of Purr introduces a delightful blend of apple and bamboo, with the fresh sweetness of the apple taking the lead. This vibrant opening then gracefully transitions into a heart of jasmine, which lends a soft, feminine floral touch to the perfume. The base, though resting on the subtle warmth of sandalwood and vanilla orchid, is notably mild, suggesting that longevity might not be Purr's strongest suit.

Despite this, Purr does offer a reasonable throw for a scent that's not overly powerful. This makes it a perfect choice for casual, leisure activities and daily use, where a less intrusive fragrance is ideal. It is a good fit for women who prefer a more laid-back, youthful scent, rather than a sophisticated and heavy perfume.

For the price point, Katy Perry's Purr is a decent value. It may not offer the complex blend or lasting power of a high-end perfume, but it does provide a fun, fruity scent that is pleasant and approachable. This perfume won't turn heads in the boardroom, but it might just make you the center of attention at a casual gathering or a fun night out.

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