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Eden Juicy Apple | 01 by Kayali

Eden Juicy Apple | 01 by Kayali
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021
Brand: Kayali

Key Notes of Eden Juicy Apple | 01

What Does Eden Juicy Apple | 01 Smell Like

Eden Juicy Apple | 01 by Kayali opens with the crisp and invigorating aroma of a freshly-picked red apple. The apple's sweetness is cleverly offset by a hint of tartness from the blackcurrant, while the pink grapefruit and lychee add a hint of tropical freshness to the mix.

As the scent evolves, the fruity top notes blend seamlessly into a tempting, mid-summer garden filled with juicy red berries and the delicate scent of raspberry blossoms. The heart of the perfume also exhales the more traditional floral notes of Rosa centifolia and jasmine, giving the scent a sense of classic femininity.

As the fragrance settles, the mossy notes of musk and moss mingle with the sweetness of vanilla blossoms, creating a comforting, earthy undertone. A touch of amber lends a sense of warmth to the composition, ensuring that the perfume leaves a lasting, plush finish on the skin.

Overall, Eden Juicy Apple | 01 by Kayali is a fragrance that marries the smell of a fresh orchard with soft floral undertones and a warm, musky base. It offers a sweet, synthetic, fruity, fresh, and floral scent profile, making it ideal for the woman who loves the freshness of fruit and the elegance of flowers.

Review of Eden Juicy Apple | 01

Eden Juicy Apple | 01 by Kayali is an appealing scent that combines a playful mix of fruity and sweet elements. Released in 2021, it has subtly made a mark in the fragrance world for its bold and invigorating apple-forward personality.

There's a youthful vibe to Eden Juicy Apple, perhaps stemming from its heady apple and tart blackcurrant top notes. The sweetness that follows is not overwhelming; it’s a gentle reminder of summer days spent in apple orchards. This perfume stands out for its ability to capture the essence of biting into a fresh, juicy apple. The synthetic elements are noticeable, but they do not overshadow the naturalistic fruity sweetness that dominates the scent.

As for the longevity and sillage, it’s a decent all-rounder. The perfume doesn't disappear quickly, it lingers, creating a pleasant trail behind you. However, don't expect it to last all day or fill a room. Its performance is moderate, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear, perhaps during a leisurely day out or for casual business settings.

The scent is most fitting for the warmer seasons, spring and summer, when the sweet and fresh notes can truly shine. Women of various ages would appreciate this perfume, but younger audiences may be particularly drawn to its playful, fruity characteristics.

However, Eden Juicy Apple may not be the best pick for those who favor more complex, layered fragrances, or for those wearers who prefer a stronger, more impactful scent profile. The scent is linear and simple, and some may find the synthetic notes a bit off-putting.

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