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Invite Only Amber | 23 by Kayali

Invite Only Amber | 23 by Kayali
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021
Brand: Kayali

Key Notes of Invite Only Amber | 23

What Does Invite Only Amber | 23 Smell Like

Invite Only Amber | 23 by Kayali greets the nose with a decidedly sweet and spicy aroma, anchored by the tantalizing scent of black cherry. The initial impression of juicy, dark fruit is generously layered with the indulgent notes of chocolate and a warm hint of cinnamon. The comforting sweetness is enhanced further by the subtle presence of Provençal honey and an intriguing undertone of tobacco leaf, while the roasty aroma of hazelnut lingers in the background.

As the top notes begin to relax, the heart of the perfume emerges. This is a delicately floral bouquet, dominated by two varieties of roses - Damask and Rosa centifolia. Their petal-like fragrances bring a touch of refreshing tranquility to the blend. From the corners, a whisper of citrus leaf adds liveliness to the floral heart.

Finally, as the floral middle notes fade, the base notes reveal themselves. Bourbon vanilla takes center stage, its rich, creamy sweetness providing a robust foundation. A wave of benzoin and sandalwood introduces a smooth, woody undertone. The namesake amber note, alongside oud, imparts the oriental depth. Cypriol and musk give a hint of sensuality, while patchouli leaves a characteristic earthy trail. In its totality, Invite Only Amber | 23 manages to paint an aromatic story that turns from deliciously sweet and warm to delicately floral, eventually settling into a sensual, earthy finish.

Review of Invite Only Amber | 23

Kayali's Invite Only Amber | 23, a 2021 release, is a sensory journey designed specifically for women. Its dominant aromatic profile introduces you to a sweet yet spicy experience, reminiscent of a comforting dessert on a chilly evening. There's a distinct oriental influence, with underlying gourmand, woody, and fruity notes that add to its complexity. But what sets it apart are the creamy, smoky, and resinous undertones, which add a depth of warmth to the overall scent.

Its longevity is impressive, making it a perfect companion for those long winter or fall evenings. With its robust sillage, you'll leave a lingering memory long after you've left the room. It's ideal for evening outings or a night out, but don't shy away from wearing it during leisurely days either. It might not be the typical choice for daily or business wear, but its unique blend offers a sense of daring and unexpectedness.

Affordability-wise, it's a decent investment, especially for those looking to diversify their fragrance collection with a woody, oriental, and gourmand blend. Given its characteristics, Invite Only Amber | 23 by Kayali could be an exciting addition to your perfume arsenal.

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