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Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21 by Kayali

Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21 by Kayali
Gender: Women
Release date: 2021
Brand: Kayali

Key Notes of Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21

What Does Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21 Smell Like

Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21 by Kayali gives off a pleasantly sweet aroma that is predominantly creamy with a hint of gourmand. On the first spray, the scent has a refreshing note of creamy coconut milk mixed with the slight bitterness of Italian lemon. This initial accord is sweetened by the subtle floral scent of honeysuckle and pear blossom, which gives it a light, fruity touch.

As the perfume settles down, it gradually reveals a heart of floral notes. The scent of jasmine appears prominently with a touch of tuberose that adds depth to the aroma. The presence of ambrette and gardenia adds a faint musky and tropical floral undertone to the blend, which beautifully complements the jasmine and tuberose scents.

The perfume dries down to a warm and cozy scent of bourbon vanilla that takes the center stage, becoming more prominent as the perfume lingers. Rounding off this sweet and creamy scent is a subtle muskiness, combined with the soft woody undertone of sandalwood and a hint of earthiness provided by patchouli. The overall scent of Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21 by Kayali is a luscious and indulgently sweet, yet not overpowering, floral and creamy gourmand fragrance.

Review of Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21

Kayali’s Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21, released in 2021, is a fragrance that primarily caters to the feminine sensibilities. It resonates well with the taste of mature women, though not exclusively, as it seems also to have a certain appeal for the younger crowd. The scent radiates a delightful blend of sweetness and gourmand elements, with a creamy undertone that lends a sense of comfort and warmth. It also carries floral and fruity notes, providing a lively vibrancy to the overall fragrance. However, it does contain a hint of a synthetic feel, which might not sit well with everyone.

The fragrance truly blossoms in the warmer seasons of spring and summer, where its sweet and tropical notes can fully flourish. Its gourmand character also shines during the chillier fall months, adding a touch of coziness. However, the fragrance seems to be less well-suited to the winter season, as its tropical and sweet notes may not pair as well with the cold.

Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21 is versatile enough for various occasions, including leisurely outings, evening gatherings, and even daily wear. However, it might not be the best choice for formal business settings, as its sweetness could potentially be overpowering in such a setting.

Notably, the fragrance's longevity and sillage aren't as impressive, meaning frequent reapplication may be necessary throughout the day. Yet, considering its price point, Utopia Vanilla Coco | 21 offers good value for those who crave a sweet, creamy, tropical fragrance with a hint of floral freshness. Despite some minor shortcomings, it can be a charming addition to any perfume collection.

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