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Le Monde est Beau by Kenzo

Le Monde est Beau by Kenzo
Gender: Women
Release date: 1997
Perfumer: Daniela Andrier
Brand: Kenzo

Key Notes of Le Monde est Beau

What Does Le Monde est Beau Smell Like

Kenzo's Le Monde est Beau perfume opens with a bright and zesty swirl of mandarin orange, gently underlined by the subtle earthy notes of basil and a hint of tart currant. As you delve deeper into the scent, the floral heart unfolds, revealing soft cherry blossom and magnolia notes, lightly touched by the sweet allure of jasmine. This floral bouquet effectively captures the freshness of spring mornings and the joy of blossoming cherry trees. The perfume evolves even further as it dries down to unveil a soothing and warm base. The comfort of cedarwood, aromatic and slightly sweet, takes the lead here, while a subtly sweet note of tonka bean adds a mild, almost vanilla-like nuance, grounding the fragrance and providing a soft, smooth finish. Throughout the entire olfactory journey, the perfume maintains a delightful balance between the fresh and fruity top notes, the blooming floral heart, and the warm, inviting base. In each phase, the scent manages to offer a refreshing yet soothing olfactory experience, embodying the beauty of the world as seen by Kenzo.

Review of Le Monde est Beau

Le Monde est Beau by Kenzo is a perfume crafted largely for women, with its scent profile tilting towards the floral and fresh. Given its predominantly floral and fruity notes, the fragrance exudes a distinct spring vibe, making it a suitable choice for warmer seasons, like spring and summer.

You'd find that the perfume offers a bright, sunny scent with a delightful accord of citrus and green, an embodiment of nature's vibrant hues. Yet, it doesn't shy away from a hint of spice and wood, adding a touch of earthy contrast to its otherwise youthful bouquet.

With mandarin orange as a top note, the perfume promises an initial burst of tangy sweetness, which gradually mellows down to a fragrant blend of cherry blossom and magnolia. The scent journey concludes with an underpinning of cedarwood and tonka bean, lending it a semblance of maturity and depth, without overpowering the floral freshness.

While the perfume is quite versatile in terms of occasion, it resonates most with daily use and leisure activities. Its cheerful, uplifting scent makes it an excellent pick for a day at work or a casual weekend outing. However, its relatively light sillage may require frequent reapplications if you plan to wear it for a long night out.

The overall longevity is decent but could leave room for improvement. Nonetheless, Le Monde est Beau by Kenzo stands out as a good value offering, given its quality and the brand's reputation.

In conclusion, if you are a woman who appreciates a refreshing, floral scent with a subtle hint of spice and wood, and are seeking a perfume suitable for daily use during the warmer months, Le Monde est Beau by Kenzo could be a solid choice.

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