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Cruel Intentions Tempt Me by Kilian

Cruel Intentions Tempt Me by Kilian
Concentration: Perfume
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2007
Brand: Kilian

Key Notes of Cruel Intentions Tempt Me

What Does Cruel Intentions Tempt Me Smell Like

Cruel Intentions Tempt Me by Kilian begins with a zesty burst of bergamot, carrying an energetic citrusy aroma that is pleasantly counteracted by the mild sweet scent of rose. The introduction of this perfume paves the way for an intriguing middle phase dominated by the robust aroma of Gaiac wood. The scent of Gaiac wood permeates the air with its smoky, leathery essence, mingling casually with the grassy freshness of vetiver and the hint of earthy papyrus. This rich, nature-inspired bouquet leads to a hearty base where the musky, almost animalistic scent of oud takes center stage. The warm and resinous amber accompanies oud, creating a resinous, olfactory experience. The perfume's drydown is further enriched by notes of castoreum and styrax, adding a leathery undertone to the mix. Overall, Cruel Intentions Tempt me by Kilian is a complex blend of woody, oriental notes, enhanced by subtle hints of spice and sweetness, culminating in a rich, sensual fragrance that is neither overly masculine or feminine, but a striking coalescence of both.

Review of Cruel Intentions Tempt Me

Cruel Intentions Tempt Me by Kilian is a bold choice for those looking for an assertive and robust scent. As a unisex perfume, it leans more towards a masculine profile, making it an intriguing option for men who prefer scents outside of traditional male fragrances. Its woody and spicy notes dominate the composition, followed by a subtle oriental undertone that adds depth and complexity. The fragrance blossoms into a sweet and floral heart, punctuated by an animalistic touch and hints of resinous accents. Smoky, powdery, fruity, and earthy nuances further enhance its character. Best suited for the colder seasons, it's particularly striking in the fall and winter. As for the occasion, its strong personality shines during evening events or nights out, yet it's not out of place for leisurely activities or casual everyday wear. The perfume's longevity is another strong point, promising to make an impression long after your entrance. Despite its intensity, the sillage is moderate, respecting personal space. In terms of value, Cruel Intentions Tempt Me offers a compelling olfactory journey.

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