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Kologne Shield of Protection by Kilian

Kologne Shield of Protection by Kilian
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2022
Perfumer: Calice Becker
Brand: Kilian

Key Notes of Kologne Shield of Protection

What Does Kologne Shield of Protection Smell Like

Kologne Shield of Protection by Kilian opens with a citrusy punch, where the bitterness of orange meets the tartness of green mandarin orange. It lends the scent a zesty brightness right from the start. You'll also pick up on an underlying touch of mint, which offers a subtle freshness without overpowering. As the perfume begins to dry down, the citrus aspect mellows, and the aroma of lemon petitgrain comes into play. This brings a slightly sweeter, almost herbal edge to the scent. It's joined by rosemary, adding a green, almost pine-like aroma, and neroli, with its mildly honeyed, faintly metallic floral quality. The base is where the perfume takes a turn into coziness. Cashmeran brings a musky, resinous warmth to the perfume, calling to mind the comforting smell of clean, warm skin. Cedarwood adds a slightly dry, woody aroma, soft and comforting. The surprising note of plant juice brings in a fresh, earthy element, grounding the perfume and giving it a natural, raw, botanical finish. Overall, Kologne Shield of Protection by Kilian is a journey from bright citrus to warm, earthy woodiness.

Review of Kologne Shield of Protection

Kologne's Shield of Protection by Kilian, released in 2022, dives into a world of freshness. This unisex scent is a vibrant mix that leans more on the masculine side, making it a preference among men.

It's a perfume that immediately captures the spirit of summertime. The scent is predominantly fresh and citrusy, with a touch of green and woody undertones. This dazzling bouquet makes it a perfect choice for those hot, sunny days when you want to feel invigorated and lively. The top notes of bitter orange and green mandarin add to the overall vivacity, giving it a tangy zing that's pretty hard to resist.

Despite its high freshness quotient, the scent isn't overwhelmingly strong. It's just right for those who want a subtle fragrance that doesn't overtake the room. However, the longevity may leave some users wanting more. It's not a perfume that will carry you through the day without a reapplication or two.

In terms of value, it's a bit of a mixed bag. The exciting summery scent is a winner, yet the longevity might not justify the price for some.

This perfume seems to be designed for the energetic, active individual. It works well for leisure times, daily routines, and even for a sporty day. Though it's not the best choice for a winter evening or a night out, it certainly shines in the warmer seasons.

Overall, Kologne Shield of Protection by Kilian is a sunny, fresh, and energetic perfume with a masculine lean. It might need a spritz or two as the day goes on, but for those who love a citrusy summer scent, it might just hit the spot.

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