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Rolling in Love by Kilian

Rolling in Love by Kilian
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2019
Perfumer: Pascal Gaurin
Brand: Kilian

Key Notes of Rolling in Love

What Does Rolling in Love Smell Like

Rolling in Love by Kilian is a beautifully balanced unisex perfume that effortlessly combines gentle sweetness with a creamy richness. Initially, the scent opens with a distinct almond milk aroma, offering a soft, subtly nutty appeal, complemented by the delicate muskiness of ambrette seed absolute. As the scent unfolds, the heart notes of the perfume reveal a delightful combination of delicate freesia, lending the blend a hint of floral freshness, offset by the earthy depth of orris concrete.

The real magic happens when the base notes take center stage. The lush fullness of tuberose absolute gives a hint of intoxicating floral richness. Meanwhile, the comforting warmth of vanilla provides a sweet and soothing backdrop, seamlessly blending with the sensual musk. The perfume is elegantly rounded off by the subtle spiciness of tonka bean absolute, adding a slight touch of complexity to the overall scent profile.

Rolling in Love by Kilian is a perfume that invites you to explore its layers, offering an enticing journey from the first spritz to the final lingering note on the skin. It’s a delightful blend of floral, gourmand, and creamy elements, creating an overall powdery, sweet aroma that is satisfyingly indulgent without feeling overwhelming.

Review of Rolling in Love

Rolling in Love by Kilian, launched in 2019, is a delightful unisex potion that predominantly appeals to women. The scent evokes a comforting warmth, leading with a sweet, creamy opening that soon reveals an undercurrent of floral notes. As it settles, the fragrance unveils a subtle layer of gourmand and powdery elements, giving it an inviting allure. The perfume is not overly dramatic but has a soft lingering presence, making it perfect for close encounters.

Ideal for cooler weather, the perfume shines particularly during autumn and spring, while still being enjoyable in the winter. Its versatile nature allows for it to be worn at night events, casual outings, or during the evening. Despite this, it doesn't shy away from everyday wear or even a business setting.

Although Rolling in Love may not be for everyone, its balance between sweetness and creaminess, with a touch of floral notes, makes it a worthwhile option for those seeking a subtly enticing yet comforting scent.

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