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Roses on Ice by Kilian

Roses on Ice by Kilian
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Frank Voelkl
Brand: Kilian

Key Notes of Roses on Ice

What Does Roses on Ice Smell Like

Roses on Ice by Kilian begins with a clear, crisp introduction as the cool scent of cucumber takes the forefront. As the initial sensation subsides, a subtle yet invigorating juniper berry aroma seeps through, intermingling with a hint of tangy lime. This green and citrusy opening gradually mellows into the fragrance's heart - Rosa centifolia. This floral note introduces a light rose fragrance, delicately fresh rather than overwhelmingly sweet. The rose merges seamlessly into the perfume's base, where a subtly earthy musk underlines the composition. This muskiness is gently supported by a faint touch of sandalwood, contributing to a woody depth that stays quietly in the background. This perfume presents an olfactory palette of fresh garden vegetables, tart fruits, lightly sweet florals, and muted earthy tones. It combines the green sharpness of cucumber, the tartness of lime, the delicate freshness of Rosa centifolia, and the grounding musk and sandalwood to create a distinct, invigorating, and modern scent. Roses on Ice is a vivid representation of a dew-kissed garden at dawn, bringing together various elements into a coherent, pleasant, and uplifting olfactory experience.

Review of Roses on Ice

Roses on Ice by Kilian, released in 2020, strikes a curious balance between refreshing and mellow. This unisex perfume leans slightly more towards women, but it doesn't exclude men from finding it appealing. Its most distinctive aspect is the fresh, green scent that tends to dominate, complimented by floral and citrus undertones. It's definitely a scent for those who appreciate nature.

The first impression of Roses on Ice is a blast of cucumber and juniper berry, creating a crisp and invigorating opening. This is then followed by a subtle rose note, which adds a floral layer without becoming overpowering. However, the musk and sandalwood at the base somewhat mellow down the freshness, adding a gentle warmth that might not perfectly align with the initial freshness of the scent.

Its longevity and sillage provide a decent performance, though it isn't the most long-lasting scent on the market. You'll find it sticking around for a good portion of the day but might need a reapplication if you're planning on wearing it from day to night.

In terms of value, Roses on Ice is a bit of a mixed bag. It's a unique scent that will certainly stand out in a collection, but its price tag might seem a bit steep to some, especially considering its moderate performance.

Best suited for the warmer months of spring and summer, daytime outings, and informal settings, Roses on Ice perhaps isn't the first choice for winter or formal events. But for those who crave a fresh, green scent with a twist, it may be worth a sniff.

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