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Sillage by Kinetic Perfumes

Sillage by Kinetic Perfumes
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2022

Key Notes of Sillage

What Does Sillage Smell Like

Sillage by Kinetic Perfumes opens with a bold aroma, evoking a lush field of violets with their distinctive floral allure, subtly spiked with the exotic warmth of saffron. Through this, the unmistakable edge of oud emerges, lending a deep, resinous tone to the fragrance.

As this initial charge mellows, the playful sweetness of raspberries comes to the fore, infusing the perfume with a joyful fruity zest. This is beautifully complemented by the romantic scent of jasmine, offering an intoxicating floral heart to the fragrance. The addition of frankincense introduces an element of mystery, with its smoky and rich aroma grounding the fruity-floral combination.

When fully settled, the fragrance reveals a robust base of suede. Its leathery note gives a strong yet comforting foundation, amplified by the oceanic undertones of ambergris. Benzoin and musk contribute a balsamic sweetness and sensual warmth respectively. The scent journey concludes with a touch of vanilla which lends a soft, creamy finish, making Sillage an unforgettable olfactory experience. It’s a fragrance that marries the diverse elements of fruit, flower, spice and leather with a masterful hand, creating an intriguing and appealing blend.

Review of Sillage

Sillage by Kinetic Perfumes, a recent release, is a scent that defies gender boundaries. It's primarily favored by men, but with its unisex formulation, it's an alluring option for anyone bold enough to wear it. The perfume's leathery notes are prominent, offering an air of rugged elegance. A fruity undertone adds a touch of unexpected zest, while a subtle sweetness rounds it out to create a scent that's both robust and inviting. Its woodsy elements ground the perfume, and a hint of oriental flair gives an exotic twist. Sillage is perfect for colder months, with its warm tones bringing to mind cozy moments in fall and winter. However, it is versatile enough to be worn in the freshness of spring and even on cool summer nights. Its character lends itself well to nocturnal settings, but it's adaptable for a casual day out or even a business setting. This perfume is a great value, offering a unique blend of notes and a long-lasting scent.

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