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Vetiver Root by Korres

Vetiver Root by Korres
Gender: Men
Release date: 2010
Brand: Korres

Key Notes of Vetiver Root

What Does Vetiver Root Smell Like

Upon the first whiff of Vetiver Root by Korres, the nose is met with the sharp, invigorating scent of cardamom, which is enhanced by a twist of vibrant bergamot. The citrusy bergamot lightly lifts the dominant spice, and green tea adds a subtle freshness to the top notes.

As the perfume settles, heart notes become more prominent. The scent morphs into a woody landscape, drawing on the raw aroma of cedarwood. Its earthy tones are softened by a dash of lavender, which lends a gentle floral element. Traces of vetiver seep through, providing a grassy undertone that anchors the middle.

As the fragrance fully matures, the base notes come into play. A grounding of oakmoss spreads a dense, forest-like feel. The nutty and slightly sweet scent of tonka bean weaves through, overlaying the greenness with a hint of warmth. Lastly, the faint glow of amber hums quietly in the background, adding a resinous sweetness that rounds out the perfume.

From initial spray to full wear, Vetiver Root by Korres, unfolds as a journey from a spicy, uplifting start to a deeply-rooted, earthy finish, while maintaining an undercurrent of sweetness throughout.

Review of Vetiver Root

Vetiver Root by Korres is a noteworthy scent designed primarily for men, although it also piques the interest of some women. Touted primarily for its woody, spicy, and subtly sweet tones, it does not fall into the typical masculine fragrance category.

The scent is well-suited for fall and spring, with the earthy and fresh undertones playing well with the changing seasons. Its subtle green notes offer a touch of freshness, while the underlying synthetic and earthy scents bring a sense of depth. A gentle sweetness softens the overall aroma, making it accessible and not overly sharp nor overpowering.

Ideal for everyday use, Vetiver Root is equally fitting for a casual day out or a busy day at work. The perfume's versatility also extends to more formal settings, albeit it might not be the best choice for those looking for a distinctive night-out scent.

The longevity of the perfume might disappoint those who prefer their scent to last all day without reapplication. The sillage, or the degree to which the perfume lingers in the air, is also relatively modest, making it a good choice for those who prefer a more personal, intimate scent.

One of the key ingredients, Vetiver, lends the perfume a distinct character, while the tonka bean and amber provide a smooth finish. However, the perfume falls short of being a standout due to its less pronounced notes of lavender and cedarwood.

In terms of value for money, it holds up fairly well. Overall, Vetiver Root by Korres is a reliable, all-around scent, especially for those who appreciate subtlety and gentleness in their fragrances. While it may not be the most daring or adventurous choice, it offers a comforting familiarity that makes it a solid choice for many.

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