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Extreme Story by La Rive

Extreme Story by La Rive
Gender: Men
Release date: 2015
Brand: La Rive

Key Notes of Extreme Story

What Does Extreme Story Smell Like

Extreme Story by La Rive opens with an invigorating domination of fresh notes. It's like a brisk walk in the early morning when the air is still crisp, slightly damp, and filled with the purity of nature. The presence of bergamot adds a subtle, refreshing citrusy nuance, while the elemi resin injects a tint of balsamic and slightly peppery element.

As the perfume settles, the heart notes begin to reveal themselves. The lavender adds a soothing floral touch, hinting at calm fields of purple blooms. Cardamom inserts a spicy warmth into the mix, complemented by the soft and romantic nuances of peony, rose, and violet. The touch of pelargonium brings in a slightly green, rosy scent, which adds a pleasant complexity.

Gradually, the scent evolves into the base, where amber shines through with its resinous, warm, and honey-like sweetness. The leathery notes introduce a touch of masculinity and depth. Vetiver and patchouli stand out, adding an earthy, woody undertone. The vetiver brings a touch of smokiness while the patchouli imparts a dark, slightly sweet and camphoric hint. The perfume results in a dynamic blend of fresh, spicy, and sweet floral notes, underscored by a warm, earthy base.

Review of Extreme Story

Extreme Story by La Rive is a thoughtful concoction that predominantly caters to men. Its aroma predominantly carries fresh and synthetic undertones, lending it an interesting blend of modern appeal and timeless elegance. The perfume's spicy kick adds an unexpected twist to the overall scent, making it somewhat daring and adventurous.

This fragrance is particularly noticeable during the spring and autumn months, yet it's versatile enough to be worn throughout the year. It's ideally suited for daily use and leisure activities, but it also fits nicely into a professional setting. As the day fades into evening, Extreme Story subtly transitions with you, its lingering scent perfect for nights out.

Despite its masculine scent, the perfume does have a subtle, sweet undertone. This sweetness, combined with a hint of floral notes, makes it an intriguing choice for the confident man. Its woody and citrus elements round out the scent, making it a solid choice for those who value a well-structured fragrance.

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