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Alkemi by Laboratorio Olfattivo

Alkemi by Laboratorio Olfattivo
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2009
Perfumer: Marie Duchêne

What Does Alkemi Smell Like

Alkemi by Laboratorio Olfattivo is a unisex scent that stirs up visions of a far-off, exotic bazaar. The perfume opens with the deep, slightly sugary, honey-like scent of amber, complemented by the intoxicating, subtly sweet aroma of ylang-ylang. This introduction quickly gives way to the heart notes, where the potent, earthy scent of myrrh takes center stage. Its intensity is tempered by the soft, woody essence of Atlas cedar, the smoky, slightly citrusy aroma of Somalian frankincense, and the whisper of patchouli from Indonesia, which brings a touch of green, damp earthiness. As the perfume dries down, it reveals a base of radiant amber that echoes the top, creating a sense of full-circle completion. This strong amber presence is softened by the comforting, creamy aroma of vanilla, and grounded by the subtly musky scent of cashmere wood. A touch of sandalwood rounds the composition, contributing a creamy, milky, soft woody aroma. This elegant combination weaves a story of spicy, oriental charm, enriched by woody and sweet undertones, and sealed with resinous warmth.

Review of Alkemi

Alkemi by Laboratorio Olfattivo is not your typical perfume. The unisex scent leans towards an enticing blend of spicy and oriental notes, lending it a certain exotic character. You'll catch a whiff of woodsy undertones, giving it a grounding, earthy quality. Resinous notes add depth and complexity to the fragrance. Subtle tones of sweetness and smoke create an inviting warmth, while a hint of gourmand and floral elements keep it from becoming too heavy.

Alkemi is well suited for the cooler seasons - autumn and winter. It evokes images of cozy fireplaces and spiced hot beverages, making it a perfect companion for a relaxed evening or a night out. Its moderate scent projection and longevity make it an unobtrusive addition to your leisure or business activities. However, the perfume's unique blend may not be the universally appealing type. It's an acquired taste, a treat for those who appreciate the art of perfumery rather than a mere accessory.

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