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Vanhera by Laboratorio Olfattivo

laboratorio olfattivo vanhera
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2017
Perfumer: Luca Maffei

What Does Vanhera Smell Like

Vanhera by Laboratorio Olfattivo is a unisex perfume that exudes a predominantly woody scent with sweet and spicy undertones. The top notes consist of a subtle hint of bergamot, followed by Sichuan pepper, cardamom, and a faint trace of pink pepper CO2. As the fragrance develops, the middle notes emerge, featuring a balanced blend of cashmere wood, cinnamon, and sandalwood, which contributes to the perfume's overall woody accord.

The base notes of Vanhera provide a sweet, resinous, and slightly smoky character. This is achieved through the use of prominent vanilla absolute, paired with Karmawood® and Timbersilk™, creating a synthetic, yet creamy undertone. The addition of amber and a touch of musk adds depth to the fragrance.

The perfume also incorporates oriental elements, which are complemented by powdery, creamy, and gourmand nuances. The blend of these accords creates a well-rounded and distinctive scent that can be appreciated by both men and women.

Review of Vanhera

Vanhera by Laboratorio Olfattivo, released in 2017, is a unisex fragrance that has received favorable feedback for its scent, longevity, and value. This perfume is characterized by its woody, sweet, and spicy notes, which make up a significant portion of the scent profile. Additionally, it features smoky, resinous, oriental, powdery, synthetic, creamy, and gourmand undertones that add to its complexity.

In terms of the target audience, Vanhera is slightly more popular among men and women compared to the older and younger age groups. The fragrance is best suited for the fall and winter seasons, with a smaller preference for spring and minimal suitability for summer. The perfume is versatile when it comes to occasions, with a preference for evening events, nights out, and leisure activities. It can also be worn during daily routines and business engagements, albeit to a lesser extent.

Given the scent profile and feedback, Vanhera might not be the ideal choice for those who prefer a strong summer fragrance or a simple, light scent. However, if you appreciate a complex, woody, and sweet fragrance that can be worn on various occasions during the colder months, Vanhera by Laboratorio Olfattivo is a highly recommended option.

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