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L'Homme Lacoste Intense by Lacoste

lacoste l homme lacoste intense
Gender: Men
Release date: 2018
Perfumer: Michel Girard
Brand: Lacoste

Key Notes of L'Homme Lacoste Intense

What Does L'Homme Lacoste Intense Smell Like

L'Homme Lacoste Intense by Lacoste is a men's fragrance that presents a fresh and fruity scent profile with a touch of sweetness. The top notes consist of a moderately noticeable mandarin orange and a slightly less prominent rhubarb, lending the concoction an initial citrusy and tangy aroma. As the scent develops, subtle hints of spicy black pepper and delicate ginger emerge from the middle notes, adding depth to the fragrance.

Transitioning towards the base, woody and synthetic elements become apparent, with Akigalawood® and cedar being more distinguishable than the Cypriol and Vetiver notes. These earthy and grounded tones balance the fruity and sweet aspects of the composition, creating a well-rounded aroma.

Overall, L'Homme Lacoste Intense offers a refreshing and pleasant scent that combines fresh, fruity, sweet, spicy, woody, citrus, and synthetic accords in a carefully crafted blend. It is an attractive choice for those who appreciate a multifaceted fragrance experience that remains approachable and easy to understand.

Review of L'Homme Lacoste Intense

L'Homme Lacoste Intense is a versatile and well-balanced men's fragrance, released in 2018. This scent is predominantly fresh and fruity, with subtle undertones of sweetness, spice, and woodiness. The hint of citrus adds a zesty touch, while the minimal synthetic note is not overpowering.

This fragrance is suitable for a diverse audience, primarily catering to men and younger individuals. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for various occasions such as daily wear, leisure activities, and business settings. Although not specifically designed for sports or night outs, L'Homme Lacoste Intense can still be worn during such events without feeling out of place.

Regarding longevity and sillage, this perfume has a moderate lasting power and projection. It will not overwhelm the senses of those around you, making it a safe choice for most settings. The value of L'Homme Lacoste Intense is perceived to be high, providing wearers with a quality fragrance at a reasonable price point.

The perfume shines best during the spring and summer seasons, with its fresh, fruity, and citrus notes making it a perfect choice for warmer weather. However, it can also be worn during the fall, providing a pleasant and light scent during the transitional period. Winter wear is a possibility, but the fragrance might not be as noticeable or effective during the colder months.

In conclusion, L'Homme Lacoste Intense is a versatile, fresh, and fruity men's fragrance with a broad appeal. It is suitable for various occasions and seasons, making it an excellent choice for those seeking a reliable and adaptable scent.

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