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Match Point by Lacoste

Match Point by Lacoste
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2020
Perfumer: Sophie Labbé
Brand: Lacoste

What Does Match Point Smell Like

Match Point by Lacoste strikes initially with a stimulating, aromatic wave of basil. This green, slightly aniseed scent is given a subtle kick of warmth through an underlying hint of pink pepper. This combination creates a fresh, modern aroma, neither too hot nor too cool, evoking images of early morning walks through dew-sprinkled herb gardens.

As the top notes meld into the heart of the fragrance, the herbal theme continues with a robust presence of clary sage. This note, reminiscent of warm tea and crisp apples, adds depth to the perfume. The infusion of gentian absolute introduces a sophisticated bitterness, highlighting the sage while adding complexity to the inherent freshness.

Finally, as the scent settles, the base notes take center stage. Cashmeran, with its musky, woody charm, imparts a comforting, resinous warmth, offering a grounding contrast to the perfume's initial freshness. Vetiver plays a minor, yet crucial role, adding a subtle earthiness to the overall composition. This hint of grassy undertone brings a soothing finish to Match Point, leaving an impressively modern and fresh scent that's subtly sweet, beneficially spicy, and convincingly green.

Review of Match Point

Match Point by Lacoste is a perfume that clearly stands out in the crowd. Its formulation as an Eau de Toilette lends a lighter, more accessible feel to the scent, making it an everyday fragrance that is not overly intense. Primarily marketed towards men, Match Point is a scent that is found appealing the most by males, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's not suitable for everyone else.

The fragrance opens up with a clean and fresh burst, resembling a spring morning, thanks to the hint of basil and pink pepper. The scent then mellows down to a moderately spicy and green aroma, reminding one of an earthy forest after a rain shower. The sweetness and the subtle woody undertones add an interesting depth to the overall scent, preventing it from becoming too monotonous.

Its longevity is quite decent, though it tends to fade slightly quicker than some other perfumes in its category. The scent's projection or sillage is also more on the moderate side, which makes it perfect for close encounters, but it might not fill a room.

The best time to wear Match Point would be in the warmer months of spring and summer. It can be a great addition to your daily routine, from casual leisure times to business meetings. It also does exceptionally well during sporting events, making you feel fresh even after a strenuous workout.

The value for money is fairly decent. Match Point might not be a trendsetter or a game-changer in the world of perfumes, but it certainly offers a reliable, pleasing, and versatile scent that is comfortably wearable for a wide range of occasions and seasons. All in all, Match Point by Lacoste is worth considering if you are looking for a fresh, green, and slightly spicy fragrance.

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