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Touch of Pink by Lacoste

Touch of Pink by Lacoste
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Women
Release date: 2004
Brand: Lacoste

Key Notes of Touch of Pink

What Does Touch of Pink Smell Like

Touch of Pink by Lacoste opens up with a dominant, zesty punch of blood orange. This vibrant citrusy scent is lightly tempered by hints of spicy cardamom and coriander, offering a fresh, slightly exotic introduction. The fragrance eases into the heart, where the sweet, intoxicating scent of jasmine takes center stage. The floral heart is further embraced by the unexpected, fresh green notes of violet leaf, while a subtle touch of carrot seed adds a uniquely earthy dimension. As the perfume evolves, it gracefully sinks into a warm and creamy blend of base notes. The sensual musk closely intertwines with the rich, woody scent of sandalwood, creating a cozy and comforting finish. A touch of vanilla is present, adding a subtle layer of sweetness that rounds out the fragrance. This leaves a trail that is soft yet somewhat lush, while still maintaining a sense of light freshness. Overall, Touch of Pink is a playful dance between the vibrant citrus, luscious florals, and warm, creamy undertones, making it a delightfully fresh and fruity scent for women.

Review of Touch of Pink

Touch of Pink by Lacoste is a scent that leans towards the feminine palette. It's a favorite among women, particularly those of a younger demographic, who seem to gravitate towards its playful bouquet. The perfume has a spirited personality, exuding a youthful, fresh vibe that is hard to ignore.

One of the standout characteristics of Touch of Pink is its distinct floral and fruity aroma. The scent greets you with a lively burst of blood orange, creating an immediate impression of freshness. This initial spritz quickly gives way to a heart that marries jasmine and violet leaf, intertwining floral notes that lend the perfume a sense of delicacy and femininity.

However, Touch of Pink falls somewhat short when it comes to longevity. While its initial impact is vibrant and appealing, the perfume doesn't quite last as long as one might hope, which may require a top-up during the day. It's a light, airy fragrance, but its sillage is not particularly strong, so it won't be overwhelming for those in your vicinity.

Despite some of its shortcomings, Touch of Pink remains a popular choice for daytime wear. It's a great option for casual outings or a busy day at work. The scent is most apt for warm spring and summer days when its fresh, fruity notes can truly come to life.

In terms of value, it offers decent bang for your buck. Though it might not be the longest-lasting scent on the shelf, its charming, easy-going character makes it a worthy item in your perfume collection. As a final note, keep in mind that Touch of Pink's sweetness may not be for everyone, especially if you are inclined towards more mature, complex fragrances.

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