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Encre Noire à L'Extrême by Lalique

Encre Noire à L'Extrême by Lalique
Gender: Men
Release date: 2015
Perfumer: Nathalie Lorson
Brand: Lalique

Key Notes of Encre Noire à L'Extrême

What Does Encre Noire à L'Extrême Smell Like

Encre Noire à L'Extrême by Lalique is a men's fragrance that presents a complex, yet well-integrated scent composition. Dominated by woody, smoky, and earthy accords, this perfume also incorporates resinous and spicy elements to create a rich and multifaceted olfactory experience.

The initial impression is marked by the refreshing hint of bergamot, quickly followed by the resinous aroma of elemi and the distinctive, evergreen scent of cypress. This introduction sets the stage for the heart of the fragrance, which showcases the dual nature of Haitian and Java vetiver. The former brings an earthy depth, while the latter adds a smoky facet to the composition. The middle notes are further enhanced by a gentle touch of iris and the warm, balsamic character of frankincense.

As the scent settles, the base notes come into play, with benzoin and patchouli contributing a sweet, almost velvety richness. Sandalwood adds a subtle creaminess, tempering the more intense elements and ensuring that the fragrance remains approachable and not overwhelming.

Throughout its development, Encre Noire à L'Extrême maintains a strong sense of equilibrium between its myriad components, resulting in a scent that is both intriguing and coherent. This perfume successfully conveys a sense of depth and refinement, making it a versatile addition to any men's fragrance collection.

Review of Encre Noire à L'Extrême

Encre Noire à L'Extrême by Lalique, released in 2015, is a great choice for men seeking a perfume that brings forth a range of woody, smoky, earthy, resinous, spicy, and green notes. This distinctive fragrance is especially suited for those who prefer scents that lean towards the masculine side, with a heavier presence of woody and earthy tones. The perfume is designed to cater to a more mature audience, although it can be enjoyed by younger individuals as well.

The perfume's dominant notes consist of a blend of woody, smoky, and earthy elements, making it an ideal choice for the fall and winter seasons. The scent is perfect for creating a warm and cozy atmosphere during those colder months, evoking images of a crackling fireplace or a walk through a dense, forested landscape. As a woody scent, it can comfortably be worn during springtime, adding a touch of freshness and liveliness to the wearer's presence.

This fragrance is best suited for evening occasions, such as a night out with friends or a romantic dinner date. Its rich, enveloping aroma creates an air of mystery and allure that is sure to garner attention and compliments. It is also suitable for leisure activities and business events, where its blend of resinous and spicy notes lend an air of confidence and poise.

Encre Noire à L'Extrême by Lalique is a long-lasting perfume with moderate sillage, meaning that it will stay on your skin for a reasonable amount of time without being overpowering or intrusive. Additionally, the perfume offers excellent value for its quality, making it an appealing option for those looking to invest in a high-quality fragrance without breaking the bank.

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