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Encre Noire Sport by Lalique

Gender: Men
Release date: 2013
Perfumer: Nathalie Lorson
Brand: Lalique

Key Notes of Encre Noire Sport

What Does Encre Noire Sport Smell Like

Encre Noire Sport by Lalique is a woody, fresh and earthy fragrance for men. It opens with an elegant blend of grapefruit, cypress and Bergamot fused with subtle notes of Provençal lavender for a refreshing start. The heart introduces the earthiness of Haitian vetiver intertwined with nutmeg and aquatic notes for a touch of crispness. A luxurious cashmere wood base accompanied by gentle musk hints provides an alluring finish to this masculine scent.

Review of Encre Noire Sport

Encre Noire Sport by Lalique is a dynamic scent for men that offers an alluring experience. A woody base layered with fresh, green, and earthy notes makes it the perfect wear for any leisure or daily occasion. Whether you're out for business or enjoying your free time outdoors, this fragrance will keep you feeling confident and energized throughout the day. Its balanced sillage ensures that it won't be too overpowering yet still provides enough projection to last until nightfall. The presentation of this scent is luxurious while its value makes it an affordable choice without sacrificing quality – making Encre Noire Sport a great pick for those looking to spruce up their collection while still staying within budget.

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