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Hommage à l'Homme by Lalique

Hommage à l'Homme by Lalique
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 2011
Brand: Lalique

Key Notes of Hommage à l'Homme

What Does Hommage à l'Homme Smell Like

Hommage à l'Homme by Lalique is a men's fragrance that opens with a fresh, zesty burst of bergamot, quickly followed by the spicy warmth of saffron. The top notes are dominated by the green, slightly earthy scent of violet leaf, offering a distinct freshness to the blend.

As the fragrance develops, the floral heart of violet comes forward, balancing the initial spiciness and adding a soft, powdery touch. The middle notes introduce a kick of black pepper, which, when combined with the aromatic pimento leaf, creates a fiery, yet subtly smoky sensation.

In the base, the fragrance reveals its rich, woody character with the presence of oud, a deep and resinous note that adds depth and complexity. The musk lends a warm, sensuous undertone to the composition, whilst the cistus, a resinous and balsamic element, brings a slightly sweet, amber-like quality to the overall scent.

Overall, Hommage à l'Homme is a well-balanced fragrance that moves from fresh and spicy at the top, to floral and fiery in the middle, and finally settles into a warm, woody, and slightly smoky base. The combination of these notes creates a memorable and distinctive scent that captures the essence of masculine elegance.

Review of Hommage à l'Homme

Hommage à l'Homme by Lalique, crafted in 2011, is a masculine Eau de Toilette that is sure to impress with its pleasantly spicy aroma. Its scent profile leans primarily towards spicy and woody notes, with hints of floral, fresh, smoky, powdery, sweet, and green elements. Due to this diverse combination, it offers a balanced and uplifting experience for the wearer.

This fragrance is ideal for the fall and spring seasons, where its warm and inviting character complements the transitional weather. However, it has a reasonable adaptability to both winter and summer as well. It is a great choice for a variety of occasions, whether it be for daily wear, business meetings, evening events, or even a night out.

The longevity of Hommage à l'Homme is decent, lasting a good amount of time before needing a reapplication. In terms of sillage, it has a moderate presence, not overwhelming those around you but still providing a noticeable scent trail.

While it may primarily appeal to men, this fragrance has also gained some appreciation from older individuals and women, making it a versatile option for a wider audience. With a high value rating, Hommage à l'Homme is an excellent investment for those seeking a well-rounded, spicy fragrance that transitions effortlessly from day to night and across seasons.

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