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La Vie est Belle en Rose by Lancôme

La Vie est Belle en Rose by Lancôme
Gender: Women
Release date: 2019
Brand: Lancôme

Key Notes of La Vie est Belle en Rose

What Does La Vie est Belle en Rose Smell Like

La Vie est Belle en Rose by Lancôme opens with a distinct whiff of mouthwatering red fruits. This juicy, tantalizing aroma of ripe berries and cherries imparts a sweet, almost candy-like, yet not overpowering scent. Following this, the fragrance transitions seamlessly into its floral heart. The delicate scent of peonies dominates the midsection, offering a rich, velvety aroma that provides a sensual, almost creamy texture to the blend. This peony note is quite pronounced, creating an intense floral core to the fragrance. In contrast, the rose note is more of a subtle undercurrent, adding a touch of classical elegance and mild freshness to the composition.

As the perfume settles, the base notes start to emerge. Here, the robust yet creamy scent of sandalwood takes the lead. Its unique earthy, slightly milky scent provides a peaceful, calming foundation to the entire blend. Subtly present throughout, it lends depth and solidifies the overall character of the perfume. La Vie est Belle en Rose by Lancôme wonderfully combines strong floral, fresh fruit, and warm woodsy scents, offering a truly mesmerizing olfactory experience. Overall, it smells sweet, floral, and mildly fresh with a synthetic twist.

Review of La Vie est Belle en Rose

Lancôme's La Vie est Belle en Rose, released in 2019, offers an ode to women with a particular inclination towards sweet and floral fragrances. This perfume is all about embracing life through the lens of optimism, evoking a vibrant expression of femininity wrapped in a bouquet of delicate scents.

The perfume predominantly appeals to women and savvy youngsters who appreciate a good mixture of sweet and floral undertones. It is a scent that doesn't shy away from a robust fruity presence, with the red fruits playing a significant role in the top notes. The perfume's core is anchored by the timeless elegance of rose and peony, giving it a sense of familiar warmth and grace.

Entering a room lightly scented with La Vie est Belle en Rose brings a sense of delight, which is neither overpowering nor underwhelming. Its longevity is commendable, making it a reliable companion for your day, lingering from morning coffee to evening strolls. This perfume is suitable for leisure activities and daily wear, providing a pleasant backdrop for your routine.

While its sillage is not the strongest in the market, it's just right for those who prefer a more personal scent, one that creates a soft aura without being too intrusive. However, its subtlety might disappoint those seeking a more pronounced olfactory signature.

This perfume finds its sweet spot in the spring and fall seasons, but it can still lend itself to summer and winter, making it a versatile addition to your collection. It provides good value for the price, offering a well-formulated fragrance that can add a touch of elegance to your everyday life. Yet, it might feel a bit synthetic for those with a keen nose for natural scents.

In conclusion, La Vie est Belle en Rose is a charming tribute to the hopeful and vivacious spirit of femininity, encapsulated in a sweet, floral, and slightly fruity scent.

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