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La Vie est Belle L'Absolu by Lancôme

La Vie est Belle L'Absolu by Lancôme
Gender: Women
Release date: 2014
Brand: Lancôme

What Does La Vie est Belle L'Absolu Smell Like

La Vie est Belle L'Absolu by Lancôme starts with a sweet, ripe scent that fuses the tang of blackberry with the subtle, light sweetness of pear. These fruit notes set the stage for the perfume, paving the way for the floral heart that is dominated by the powdery and slightly metallic scent of iris pallida. The white, exotic scent of jasmine sambac absolute lends a soft sweetness, while the addition of orange blossom absolute injects a hint of clean, floral citrus to the mix.

As the fragrance settles, it takes on a deeper, dusky tone with the earthy musk of patchouli. There is a balance to the scent, where the base rounds off the sharpness of the initial fruitiness, and complements the floral heart. This creates a sweet, but not overwhelmingly so, gourmand scent that is subtly floral with a hint of fruit and an earthy finish. It's as if the scent embodies the sweetness of life, reflected in its name, but with an underlying, slight complexity that makes it interesting.

Review of La Vie est Belle L'Absolu

La Vie est Belle L'Absolu by Lancôme, released in 2014, is a perfume that commands attention. It is distinctly feminine and appeals largely to mature women, but its charm has also found an audience among younger wearers. This perfume is an indulgent treat, heavily leaning into the sweet, gourmand, and floral scent categories, making it ideal for those with a taste for opulence.

The fragrance is notably long-lasting, ensuring its presence lingers well beyond the first spray. Its sillage, or scent trail, is also impressive, leaving a rich, unforgettable trace that is sure to make an impression. However, it should be noted that such potency might not be everyone's cup of tea, and could potentially feel overpowering in close quarters or more intimate settings.

The perfume's value is fair considering its longevity and sillage characteristics. It is not a budget perfume, but rather an investment piece for those who value the lasting power of a good fragrance.

La Vie est Belle L'Absolu is a perfume for colder seasons, particularly winter and fall, where its warmth and depth can truly shine. It's a great choice for evening outings and makes a statement during a night out.

Prominent notes of blackberry and pear add a fruity sweetness that is balanced by the floral heart of iris pallida, jasmine sambac absolute, and orange blossom absolute. Its base is held by the earthy patchouli, adding a touch of mystery to the composition.

In short, La Vie est Belle L'Absolu is a luxurious, long-lasting and bold fragrance. It's not for the faint-hearted or those who prefer subtle scents, but for those who embrace its intensity.

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