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Fou d'Absinthe by L’Artisan Parfumeur

Fou d'Absinthe by L'Artisan Parfumeur
Gender: Men
Release date: 2006

Key Notes of Fou d'Absinthe

What Does Fou d'Absinthe Smell Like

Fou d'Absinthe by L'Artisan Parfumeur is a men's perfume characterized by its spicy, green, and woody scent profile. Upon first application, the dominant note of absinthe creates a bold, aromatic impression, while the angelica and subtle hints of blackcurrant bud add a touch of freshness and depth to the opening.

As the fragrance develops, the middle notes showcase a complex blend of spices. The presence of clove and nutmeg give the perfume a warm, inviting essence, while the addition of patchouli, pepper, and a hint of ginger contribute a spicy, invigorating quality to the overall scent profile.

Gradually, the perfume dries down to reveal its base notes, which are dominated by fir balsam and pine needle. The resinous, green scent of these notes evokes the essence of a rich, dense forest. A gentle hint of cistus adds some softness and balance to the overall composition, preventing the fragrance from becoming overpowering or too heavy.

In summary, Fou d'Absinthe is a distinctive fragrance that masterfully combines spicy and green elements, creating a scent reminiscent of a stroll through a vibrant, aromatic forest. The bold absinthe note, the warm middle notes, and the deeply resinous base notes create a harmonious and memorable olfactory experience.

Review of Fou d'Absinthe

Fou d'Absinthe by L'Artisan Parfumeur, released in 2006, is a men's perfume that has a notable spicy and green scent profile. This fragrance is a great choice for those who enjoy woody and fresh notes, with a hint of resinous, fougère, earthy, and sweet elements. It leans more towards a masculine aroma, making it a suitable option for men looking for a distinctive scent.

This perfume is well-suited for fall and spring seasons, although it can also be worn during winter and summer months. Its versatility allows it to be worn for various occasions, such as leisure activities, daily use, business meetings, evening events, and nights out. However, it may not be the best choice for sports activities.

The longevity of Fou d'Absinthe is moderate, so you can expect the scent to last for a reasonable amount of time throughout the day or night. Its sillage, or scent trail, is somewhat subdued, making it a good option for those who prefer a more subtle fragrance that won't overpower those around them.

In terms of value, Fou d'Absinthe offers a decent quality fragrance at a fair price point. If you're a fan of spicy and green scents with a touch of woody and fresh elements, this perfume by L'Artisan Parfumeur is worth considering for your fragrance collection.

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