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Nuit de Tubéreuse by L’Artisan Parfumeur

Nuit de Tubéreuse by L'Artisan Parfumeur
Gender: Women
Release date: 2010

Key Notes of Nuit de Tubéreuse

What Does Nuit de Tubéreuse Smell Like

Nuit de Tubéreuse opens with a bold dash of pepper and cardamom, immediately making a spicy statement. The distinct scent of pink pepper mingles with the earthy tones of angelica, creating an intriguing introduction. There's a subtle hint of cascarilla and a light zest of mandarin orange that smoothens the overall spicy aura.

The heart of the perfume is distinctly floral dominated by the heady scent of tuberose. A tropical hint of mango infuses a sweet fruitiness, while the orange blossom adds a soft, delicate touch. The scent of furze, rose, and ylang-ylang each contribute their distinctive notes, enriching the floral bouquet.

As the perfume evolves, the base notes take over. The calming scent of benzoin and the deep woody fragrance of Brazilian rosewood set the stage. The exotic aroma of clove blends with the sensual musk, adding depth. The scent rounds off with the creamy, warm tones of sandalwood and a hint of styrax.

In essence, Nuit de Tubéreuse is a perfume that weaves together bold spices, romantic florals, and rich woody scents. It carries a sweet undertone throughout, making it a complex yet cohesive blend of contrasting scents.

Review of Nuit de Tubéreuse

Nuit de Tubéreuse by L'Artisan Parfumeur is a true olfactory journey that draws its vitality from the mysterious allure of the tuberose flower. This scent primarily appeals to women, with a bold character that's far from ordinary. With a predominant floral note, it is highlighted by spicy undertones that add an unexpected flair. Woody hints and a touch of sweetness give this fragrance a sense of depth and warmth, while the addition of fruity, oriental, and powdery elements brings a surprising twist to the mix.

Ideal for springs and falls, it can comfortably transition between seasons. The fragrance has a palpable presence without being overwhelming, making it perfect for evenings out, leisure times, and even daily wear. Its performance is durable, lasting a good amount of time before it begins to fade. Its value is reasonable, making it a worthwhile addition to your perfume collection. For those seeking an adventurous floral perfume with a spicy twist, Nuit de Tubéreuse is a perfect choice.

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