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Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti

Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti
Concentration: Eau de Toilette
Gender: Men
Release date: 1992
Perfumer: Annick Ménardo

Key Notes of Roma Uomo

What Does Roma Uomo Smell Like

Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti is a men's fragrance that features a sweet and oriental scent profile with touches of spiciness, woodiness, and fruitiness. Upon the initial application, the top notes of mandarin orange and grapefruit create a bright, citrusy opening that is complemented by the subtle herbal tones of laurel and basil. As the fragrance evolves, the middle notes of sandalwood and cedarwood impart a warm, rich depth to the scent, while the floral nuance of geranium and the exotic aroma of massoia wood add a layer of complexity.

In the base, the perfume reveals its true character with a dominant note of sweet, creamy vanilla that is balanced by the warmth of amber and the earthy, sensual presence of musk. The inclusion of oakmoss adds a touch of greenness to the composition, grounding the fragrance and imparting a sense of natural sophistication. Overall, Roma Uomo presents an enticing blend of sweetness, spice, and woodiness with just the right amount of fruitiness, making it an appealing and memorable scent.

Review of Roma Uomo

Roma Uomo by Laura Biagiotti, released in 1992, is an Eau de Toilette formulated for men who appreciate a blend of sweet and oriental scents with a hint of spice and woodiness. This fragrance is a popular choice for men who want to make a statement without being too overpowering.

The scent profile of Roma Uomo consists of a pleasing mix of sweet, oriental, spicy, and woody notes, combined with fruity, citrus, powdery, and fresh elements. Floral notes are subtle but play their part in making this perfume well-rounded and enjoyable. This fragrance is most suitable for fall and spring, which is when its warm and inviting character can truly shine. It can also be worn during the colder winter months or on cooler summer evenings.

In terms of occasions, Roma Uomo is a versatile fragrance that can be worn during leisure time, evenings, daily outings, or on nights out with friends. Its moderate intensity makes it appropriate for business settings as well, without being too distracting to colleagues.

With a good balance between scent strength and longevity, Roma Uomo offers great value for those seeking a reliable and pleasant perfume. Its diverse scent profile captures the essence of various seasons and occasions, making it a solid choice for those looking to invest in a fragrance that can be their go-to option for different moments in life. Give Roma Uomo a try and enjoy the rich, warm, and inviting experience it offers.

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