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Dom Rosa - Eau Sanguine by Liquides Imaginaires

Dom Rosa - Eau Sanguine by Liquides Imaginaires
Gender: Unisex
Release date: 2013
Perfumer: Sonia Constant

Key Notes of Dom Rosa - Eau Sanguine

What Does Dom Rosa - Eau Sanguine Smell Like

The first sniff of Dom Rosa - Eau Sanguine by Liquides Imaginaires instantly introduces you to a playful blend of zesty grapefruit and sweet, ripe pear, mellowed by the intoxicating effervescence of champagne. The introduction is bold, lively, and makes a memorable impression.

As the initial zestiness subsides, the fragrance develops into its heart, dominated by the classical elegance of Damask rose. The innocence of this floral note is subtly accentuated by the smoky allure of frankincense and the warming hint of clove.

The perfume dries down to a woody finish. Gaiac wood breathes life into its base, adding an earthy dimension, complemented by the grassiness of vetiver. A touch of cedar seeps through, adding a finish that is warm yet subtly crisp.

Overall, Dom Rosa - Eau Sanguine exudes a fruity-floral start, transitioning into a spicy midpoint, and settling into a comforting woody finish. It’s a scent journey that is simultaneously vibrant and calming, embodying both complexity and simplicity in its olfactory symphony.

Review of Dom Rosa - Eau Sanguine

Dom Rosa - Eau Sanguine by Liquides Imaginaires, released in 2013, presents a delightful blend for those with a taste for an unisex aroma that leans slightly more towards feminine notes. The dominant fruity and floral essence of this perfume creates an enjoyable burst of freshness that's hard to ignore. There's a hint of spiciness woven into the scent, complemented by undertones of woodiness which adds a robust depth to the overall fragrance. Citrus and sweet notes subtly round off the dynamic array of scents, making it a versatile choice for wearers.

The perfume shines best in the spring season, though its lively aroma is adaptable enough to be worn throughout summer and fall, too. It's a scent that suits leisurely days out, but it can also comfortably complement your daily routine. Whether you're planning a night out or an evening event, or even for business, Dom Rosa - Eau Sanguine is flexible enough to match various settings. Its longevity may not be the strongest, but its charming scent and decent value make it a worthwhile consideration.

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