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001 Woman by Loewe

001 Woman by Loewe
Concentration: Eau de Parfum
Gender: Women
Release date: 2016
Perfumer: Emilio Valeros
Brand: Loewe

What Does 001 Woman Smell Like

001 Woman by Loewe begins with a clear, bright aroma that combines the tartness of Calabrian mandarin orange with the spicy kick of pink pepper, all softened by the undernote of bergamot. The first impression is one of vibrant, astringent citrus, with an unexpected yet appealing hint of spice.

As the scent develops, the foreground changes to allow the delicate floral notes of Egyptian jasmine to take center stage, complemented by the warm, earthy tones of sandalwood. The jasmine adds a rich sweetness to the perfume, while the sandalwood brings a deeper, more complex undertone, adding depth and resonance to the otherwise floral profile. There's a faint undertone of linen too, yet it remains a mere whisper.

The perfume finishes on a cozy, comforting note of white musk, amber, and vanilla. The musk provides a soft, powdery base that ground the perfume's other notes, while the amber lends a touch of warm, resinous sweetness. The vanilla rounds out the scent profile, providing a creamy, decadent finish that lingers on the skin. Overall, 001 Woman by Loewe offers a compelling journey through contrasting and complementary scents, producing a fragrance that is as multifaceted as it is appealing.

Review of 001 Woman

Loewe's '001 Woman' is a bold perfume that caters predominantly to a woman's senses. Released in 2016 as an Eau de Parfum formulation, this fragrance has a notable character that tends to be more popular among mature women rather than a younger audience.

'001 Woman' offers a fascinating combination of floral, sweet, and woody scents. These elements harmonize into a beautiful aromatic symphony, with prominent notes of Egyptian jasmine, sandalwood, and white musk creating an evocative and memorable experience. The subtle fruity undertones provide a touch of sweetness, keeping the scent from becoming too heavy or overwhelming.

The perfume's longevity matches its scent, proving to be resilient and long-lasting. A spray in the morning will comfortably last through the day, making it a suitable choice for everyday wear. However, the sillage is a touch more discreet, so it won't overpower those around you.

Season-wise, '001 Woman' is versatile, but it shines the most during the spring and fall months. The blend of sweetness and woodiness makes it a fitting choice for leisure activities and daily use, but it also works well in a business setting.

On the downside, the perfume may not be the best value for money. While '001 Woman' certainly has its appeal, there are other fragrances on the market that offer a similar experience at a more affordable price point. However, for those who appreciate its unique blend of notes and lasting power, it may be worth the investment.

In conclusion, Loewe's '001 Woman' offers a complex and enjoyable scent experience that appeals to mature women. Its longevity and versatility make it a practical choice for a variety of settings. Despite being slightly pricey, its unique scent profile might just make it a worthy addition to your fragrance collection.

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